Shimmery Makeup: Not Just for Teens

A lot of people believe that shimmery makeup has no place on a face older than 19. They think women over 35 should only wear matte foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick.Well, times have changed. Makeup textures have lightened up, and shimmery, dewy, glossy finishes are in style. They're so in style that they're difficult to avoid--and we shouldn't avoid them....more

My eyebags are in danger of needing their own postcode, so if a bit of sparkle might work I'm ...more

What Color Is Your Labia?

January is "make over your life!" month. Pages and pages of self-improvement schemes are clogging the cloud with their vision for change.  Kate Gosselin's straw head makeover is inexplicably everywhere including on CBS's morning show (here on You Tube)....more

Sooner or later, I bet some enterprising individual is going to try selling ass ...more

"Green" Make-up: Great Ingredients But Still Working on the Packaging

I frequently get asked about what I do for plastic-free makeup, and honestly I haven’t had the best answer. I continue to use the products that I already had and generally only replace them with plastic-free alternatives once they are used up....more

Hi ulew.  Thanks for raising these issues.  It's nice when a company is trying to ...more

Review of America the Beautiful documentary and Contest to win a Limited Edition DVD of the film

One of the first questions Darryl Roberts asks in his documentary America the Beautiful is “Who benefits from women not feeling beautiful?” As the film spends the next 105 minutes trying to find the answers to that question, you witness the full impact of our obsession with beauty through tales of girls with eating disorders, plastic surgeries gone wrong, and the whirlwind modeling career of Gerren Taylor who did her first runway shows at the age of 12. ...more

Beauty for a Queen Bee

Our very own Lil Kim (also affectionately nicknamed Queen Bee after the original sexy rapper) was in need of a makeup makeover.  And she knew just the girl to make it happen. LK invited me over to show her some new looks but rather than taking my own kit that overflows with the latest and greatest in skincare, haircare and cosmetics, she instead wanted me to go through her own stash to show her what should stay, what should go and how to use it all.  When I got to her place, she had all her goodies out on display.  ...more


My dear friend D, now my model and muse, thought she couldn’t wear bright makeup because of her big blue eyes and pale olive skin. So we spent a day playing with color with the intention of proving her wrong… and making her drop dead gorgeous. The look we achieved was so fun and totally rock-n-roll (electric purple enhanced with browns for eye, a pale nude lip and flawless, soft skin).  In fact, it was such an ode to brights, we decided to shoot the finished beauty look outside in NYC amidst a kaleidoscope of urban colors. ...more

Time to Toss the Gloss?

This pale gloss goes both ways – works with peaches, works with pinks – and is just so pretty in its packaging.  I was immediately drawn to it like candy. ...more

And I think it would be even better-suited for mascara, hope that's ...more

Help me pick a polish!

This Saturday, I'm going to a casual wedding picnic/dinner reception. S. is the first one of my group of high school friends to get married, and she's insisted that we don't dress up (!). After polling the internet with a Polyvore of three possible outfit options, I think I figured out my outfit. It's the nail polish that's got me stuck now. ...more

Very good point about not going overboard with the bronze -- that's why I'm thinking more about ...more


"It matters more what's in a women's face than what's on it." - Claudette Colbert ...more

It's in the Bag!

I'm heading out to Chicago this summer as part of the BlogHer conference team, and I've already gotten started on planning what's going in my travel kit this year. Last year I had the benefit of being close enough to home that I didn't have to worry about putting anything on a plane, but this year everything has to come with me There and Back Again. ...more

I refuse to leave the house without it, and since it's so easy to carry - plus the creamy ...more