Recycling Cosmetics

Wanting to be a more responsible consumer and more dedicated to being friendlier to the environment doesn't mean that you need to give up makeup and skin care products....more

Friday Faves: StaGlam

It's no secret that I love make-up. I adore finding new products that I love and that I can share with my readers. Carrie and I had been following each other Instagram for awhile when I asked her if she'd be interested in collaborating, mainly because I was super curious about her lipgloss and I love making connections with small businesses....more

Plastic Surgery: Would You?

Plastic surgery is prevalent in our society today like never before.  When I was a teen and younger adult, it was barely even heard of and certainly not talked about.  Nobody got nose jobs in our small town and I'm not sure anyone knew boob jobs existed yet.  No one whitened their teeth or knew how.  We loved our big 80s hair, for sure, and fashion was a big thing as was makeup, but that was somewhat the extent of it as far as beauty products and treatments were concerned....more Review

I signed up on a bunch of sites so that I could get product and book review opportunities. I've been contacted a few times in the last couple of weeks. One of the opportunities I received was to receive a box. BB5 describes itself:...more

Il blog in italiano?! Ma davvero? E parliamo un po' di questo trend dei cosmetici.

Oggi un'amica mi ha chiesto come mai non avessi scritto il blog in italiano. Bhe', onestamente perche' dopo dieci anni in America non so' quanto il mio italiano possa essere corretto.Detto questo, per favore siie gentile, sono dieci anni che sono via da "casa".Ti starai chiedendo di cosa si tratti questo blog... si tratta di cosmetici, di trucchi, di prodotti di bellezza ed un po' di tutto.. Dipende dall'umore....more

More Bang for the Buck -- Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream!

<script language="JavaScript1.1" src=""></script>As most of us have our wallets on lockdown nowadays, it’s nice to know we are not the only ones looking after our hard earned money!...more