My [Non-College Admission] Essay on Costco

 A Delaware teen recently received ample press coverage when her college essay about Costco gained her admission into five Ivy League schools - and Stanford. She attested that Costco “fueled her insatiability and cultivated curiosity at a cellular level.” ...more
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Rotisserie Chicken Throwdown

Who makes the better rotisserie chicken; Costco or Whole Foods Market? Initially my intent was to do a blind taste test, but that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, we forged ahead and did our best to do part for part comparisons, and keep our experiment as scientific as my personality allows (so not so much)....more

Cry me a River

I was prepared to cry on my wedding day and made sure my beloved grandmother's hankerchief was accessible.I was prepared to cry at the birth of each child and packed my labor and delivery bag with my latest waterproof mascara.I was not prepared however to cry at our Costco total....feeding a family of five is apparently  tear worthy, who knew?!Just call me waterworks....more

Single Girl Finds the Answer to Warehouse Shopping

Loving Costco as much as I do, ( click HERE to read an older post about one of my shopping trips) I found I needed to figure out how to store produce without it going rotten before I could use it all... and I DID. Continue reading to find out how a Single Girl Finds the Answer to Warehouse Shopping!...more

Costco Is A Sport. Are You Ready for Game Day?

I love sports. I've been involved in them since I was very little. I played for fun, played for college, coached for fun, coached as a profession, but I'm here to talk about a different sport: Costco....more
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Costco Snacks Edition!

Here’s another edition of Costco goodies but instead I’ll share some Costco Snacks! Every time I visit this awesome warehouse, there’s always new products. There’s a new road trip for new gadgets, latest appliance, and snacks and the best part is that everything comes in bulks! When you want something you better go big because that’s what Costco’s all about. I was craving chocolates so here are some chocolate snacks I was checking out at the chocolate isle! ...more

Organic Finds at Costco

If you've been following this blog it should come as no surprise that I love to buy organic whenever possible. With that said, I still like to find the best deals because organic is so ridiculously expensive! The other day I did a little grocery shopping at Costco and had pretty good luck finding a lot of organic items in bulk. I missed a lot of things that were on my list but that was because Odette with me! Nowadays, grocery shopping has become more about whatever can be thrown in the cart in the fastest amount of time....more

Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon: Costco Wine?

Yup, you read the title correctly, Kirkland Signature Cabernet Sauvignon, this weeks wine pick is a Costco private label product. I am sure you were aware of the fact that Costco produces Kirkland sweat socks, trail mix, and cheeses, but you may have missed their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wine offerings. ...more

This is what I like to eat.

So a trip to Costco, and look what we bring back!More pictures posted on my blog, cyandev. Any criticism on my photography welcomed! This might've been posted on my blog a while back ... but we keep buying them!...more

NaBloPoMo 29 - Get Out Much...?

There's a stupid movie that came out several years ago called "Employee of the Month."  Stupid, yes.  Entertaining, yes.  Shows that Jessica Simpson can not act, oh yes!...more