Ode to Costco

Hey, you know that song from “Frozen” that starts with “do you wanna build a snowman?”  Of course you do.  Oh…song stuck in your head?  Sorry.  Welcome to my world.Around my house, we sing “do you wanna go to Costco” so if you’re a Costco groupie like me, maybe that tune is now just a teensy bit more tolerable?...more

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, June 9, 2014Father's Day Gift Ideas We all know how important Dad is to all of us, so don't forget to get Dad something he will love for Father's Day!...more

Industrial Sized Shopping... For One

I need to tell you about my shopping trip at Costco the other day. This whole thing started because I was hungry and wanted a slice of pizza for lunch. My local Costco is just down the road, and the pizza is cheap… oh and I had to gas up at their pumps. Yeah… that’s how they reel you in....more