Is COSTCO the new Wal-Mart?

    I'm about to share a shocking secret with you.  It's a bit embarrassing and a hard thing to admit but here it is:   I've never shopped at COSTCO.  There, I said it.  Take a second to process this information....more

The Invisible Merchandise

Last month Beau, my 13 year old, took sides with Mumford when we were having a discussion about who spends the most money.  D'oh!  The worst part of the whole thing - they were both right.  I am a money spender!...more

Word Play….Play on words - Costco Shopping trip Part 1

Last night, my husband, Marc, and I went to Costco.  We didn’t need much, so we split up.  Marc finished first, so he headed to the checkout lines.  Behind him was a woman who was waiting for her boyfriend.  Since they also split up their shopping, she was only holding a few items, one of which was a pair of bright, colorful sox / slippers.  Marc spotted them, and immediately knew I would love them.  So when I got to the line, he pointed them out to me. He was right, I did love them.  After asking the woman where she found them, I dashed off to get...more