When will dengue be prevented?

My granddaughter Susane Lorette-Palmes When will that dengue vaccine be available in the Philippines?I ask this because the past few days have been rough for my family in Tagoloan town, Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao, Philippines and for me here in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US....more

The Health Care Crisis Is Like an Episode of Hoarders

So, I never claimed this was going to be a “mommy blog” anyway, but health care? WTF you say? WTF, indeed.Seriously though, we need to talk about health care. I know a thing or twenty about this topic considering my years in the industry and with this "insider knowledge" I want to put together a cohesive (perhaps entertaining) dialogue about a few things no one is talking about....more

Hidden Costs of Health Care

Insurance Companies Have Record Profits, More People Skip Their Medicines...more

How to Hire a Health Care Aide to Help Both Patient and Family

The last few months have been some of the most difficult of my life, as my mother was diagnosed with cancer, suffered through treatment unsuccessfully, and quickly worsened, leading to her untimely passing just over two months after her taking ill.  As a self-employed only child who lives about two hours from my family, it is clearly a time of a full range of logistics and emotions.  One decision my father made as her condition worsened was to hire a private aide to be at my mother's bedside for two shifts a day (as she went from hospital to nursing home to hospital to hospice in a matter of three weeks). ...more

Thanks Jenna!

Actually I didn't know it was a possibility either. I don't know how my Dad ...more