I feel like bloggers spend so much of their time and energy explaining how you can make money by blogging that few touch base on the fact that owning a blog costs money as well -  money to start up, to maintain and to promote. While you don't have to start pumping out money towards your blog as soon as you create the website, you will find that along the way costs will slowly creep up on you. Keep in mind that the costs listed below will change depending on what hosting provider you are using to support your blog....more

Healthy Only Costs $1.50 More Per Day

Some people claim they can't afford to eat healthy, implying that healthy food costs significantly more.  However, a new study published in the BMJ Open journal says it only costs a little bit more to eat healthy.  To be exact, the study implies it only costs $1.50 more per person per day to choose the healthiest choices available.  This is definitely do-able.  No more excuses....more

Fear-Based Healthcare: Fear Overrides Common Sense in Health Care Decisions

I have no health insurance. I lost my insurance shortly after I lost my job as a graphic artist in Manhattan in May 2009. Since that time I have broken two toes, broken my nose, contracted a mild case of psittacosis while treating the baby cockatiel I bought who had the disease from the pet store, and suffered a mild stroke.These are the sorts of events that drive us to buy health insurance and part of the reason why our healthcare system has ceased to practice common - or economic sense....more

Surviving 5 Kids and Fundraisers

Hello there, would you like to buy a $3 candy bar? How about seven pounds of frozen cookie dough? Not much of a sweet tooth, huh? That’s okay, how about a pepperoni roll, tickets to the pancake breakfast—or maybe the spaghetti dinner? Oh. You’re on a diet. I understand—I would be, too, if I didn’t have kids.  Maybe you would be more interested in a magazine subscription? Or a high-fragrance, flameless, candle substitute? Maybe a discount card that offers insignificant savings from places you rarely visit? Ooh, better yet, forget the card; I’m selling a whole discount book. Where are you going? Wait! Don’t forget to swing by the carwash so kids who have never washed a vehicle in their lives can scratch up yours! Just drop your spare change in the can on your way out!...more

Every year we have to sell raffle tickets for hockey. However, we have no family in the ...more

Highway Robbery...I Mean Health Insurance

Just got off the phone with my health insurance provider. Trying to get them to pay *their share* of the homebirth. You know, the one I discussed with them a year ago. The one they agreed to pay 80% of. Well, let’s just say I’m having trouble calling them a “provider.” They cut a check for less than 40% of the homebirth. Can you imagine if your partner “provided” for you like insurance companies manage to?...more

How to Prevent Scope Creep from Ruining Your Projects

There is the old adage that two things are certain in life, “Death and Taxes.” With business you can also add Scope Creep. Every business has experienced it, some more dramatically than others. It is one of those gremlins that attaches to projects and wreaks havoc with proposals and client relationships.Read more here:

Small Business Owners Can Make their Own Spark & Create a Bang for the 4th of July

The call is going out around our small business for a portable grill this week, as employees are planning a cook-out.  Our pre-Independence Day cook-out will be a small affair, an opportunity to say good-bye to a colleague and get together in a casual setting.  ...more

But I Don't Want to Help the Poor

I was reading some of the comments at  ...more