If You’re Any of These Things for Halloween I Will Judge You

 Thinking of being any of the following for Halloween this year?  Well you might want to rethink that if you don’t want me giving you the malocchio from the grouchy confines of my apartment (no one invited me anywhere this year and I’m taking it out on you). Ken Bone Just don’t....more

Finding The Perfect Family Costume

My Halloween costume last year when pregnant with Greyson....more

Reincarnation, Kardashians: THE DANISH GIRL

Reincarnation, Kardashians:...more

Spooky fun crochet wearables for Halloween

Be A Crafter xDHilarious and a bit creepy! We have cute and fast crochet pattern like spock ears to big and fab like a Viking costume. These must be great crochet projects on your list for this Halloween....more

What Were You For Halloween?: Finding the Perfect Costume Idea

Today is Sunday, November 2nd, which means Friday night was Halloween! I have to say, I’m pretty dang pleased with my costume for this year. It’s an idea Alex and I had tossed around the last couple of years as something that would be pretty cool, but we kept shooting it down because we thought it too difficult. Well this year, we said “hell with that,” and went for it anyway.Can you guess who we are? Keep reading and you’ll see some hints along the way....more

A Mad Halloween

This year the kids decided to dress up as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. I was thrilled that they chose to dress as a theme this year. I thought those years were over. “I don’t think…” “Then you shouldn’t talk,” said the Hatter.”...more

Has the Fun Gone Out of Halloween?

Fun, Unique and Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For All Ages at Spirit Halloween

 Spooky ghosts, scary masks, gory costumes...Halloween is just around the corner but if you are not looking for a costume that everyone else is wearing, then you may want to check out these costumes that are more creative, goofy and unique.  After all, Halloween is the time of the year where you are allowed to dress out of the box! See photos of costumes and read more here.      ...more