Why are Halloween costumes for girls/women so 'stripper like? Me no likey and neither did my girls

Halloween and overly sexualized costumesLast Year my youngest daughter was a zombie.This year she found a great 'underwater' looking long dress and painted her face herself to be a 'water nymph'.  (Age 10).She had a blast.My older daughter physically shuddered at some of the costumes in the stores this year (She's 11).Mom - am I seriously supposed to wear that??...more

Average Jane's Halloween

I've finally reached the age where my desire to participate in Halloween activities has certain limits. For example, I'm fine with parties but I don't want to wear a costume at work or anywhere else in public. I'll buy candy for trick or treaters at my office and in my neighborhood, but I don't want to cook anything with a Halloween theme.This year with Halloween falling on Thursday, Saturday was the big party day. My band had a gig at a bar that was having a costume party, so we all dressed in costumes as well....more
Heh. I love the dog sweater. :)more

I Love Halloween!

I adore Halloween, and I seem to just see a lot of posts about people who don't like halloween.  And, don't get me wrong -- there is plenty to NOT like about Halloween -- the excess of Candy, and the pursuit of the excess of candy.  The gross and disgusting costumes.  How girls are sexualized so darn early with those gross costumes.  The dark and how some people really like tricking more than treats.  Those are all gross things.  Don't even get me started on the spirit store... Read more at www.hillyut.blogspot.com ! ...more

Halloween 2013: Our Costumes

Halloween is for adults too, right? Right! This past weekend my husband and I attended our first ever adult costume party and it was a blast! There were other costume contenders but we ultimately decided on being Caroline and Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles.  ...more

Throw A Halloween Party

It is almost time for all of the spooktacular parties that are happening in the next few weeks. One of my favorite times of the year is the Fall and I think that is because I love all things Halloween. Since I was a little girl I have always planned my costumes out for months and wanted to execute them perfectly. My mom would make our costumes from anything from a full body fur leopard costume to an amazing dinosaur costume for my brother. I am very proud to say that my leopard costume won the costume contest when I was little. One of the highlights of my life....more

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

i’ve seen so many adorable, awesome, scary halloween costumes out there that i thought i’d share some of my favorites with you. jp and i haven’t gone to a halloween party in ages, so unfortunately, i cannot trick her into any of these costumes…but it’s always fun to see what other people are wearing.where’s waldo? this adorable family costume would be super easy to put together. you can dye fabric, or use tape to mark off your red lines....more

Easy To Make Halloween Costumes (20+)

Easy To Make Halloween CostumesMonarch Butterfly -...more

Southern Belle at the Movies: Anna Karenina

Alas, it finally arrived in my theaters this past weekend. Ta da! ...more