Halloween Schmoozing

We had 3 different parties this year, plus trick or treating today. Different locations, same awkwardness from being in a room full of people I either didn't know or didn't know well. Not bad, though, once I found my niche, which tends to happen towards the end of the party. ...more

Trick-or-Treat: Time to Share Your Ghosts and Goblins!

It's time for ghost and goblins, princesses and fairies, vampires and Batman alike to take to the streets -- preferrably with reflective tape on the back of their costumes -- in hopes of receiving candy. Halloween is right around the corner, and we want to see what ghouls are lurking at your house! ...more

Thanks for sharing :) I've always loved the playfulness and youthful spirit of Halloween. It's ...more

Divorce: a Halloween Horror Tale

 I love Halloween. When my kids were younger, one of the thrills of living right off Caledonia Street in Sausalito, California, was that you were at Ground Zero for the town's trick or treat chicanery. The evening would start with a parade of li'l ghosts, goblins and costumes-du-jour, a costume judging contest, and then a promenade through the grid of streets that flank Caledonia Street before snaking up into the hills of Sausalito's weather-blessed banana belt....more

Taos Zombie Stagger

The Taos Zombie Stagger was a great success, especially for a first time event. We arrived to find a jam-packed Plaza, filled with creepy zombies and curious onlookers. Everyone milled around for a few minutes, and after some brief instructions, the parade began, right on time. That never happens in Taos, so a lot of people were late catching up. Straggling zombies ran after the pack, and befuddled locals with cameras murmured, It started on time...?...more


To continue a bit on yesterday's topic, because I keep hearing from more and more discouraged friends, I think it's important to say that I know I'm one of the lucky ones. I have Rick, and my health, and not one, but two roofs (or rooves--I looked it up--both are correct) over my head. I have plenty to eat--you can tell that just by looking at me!...more

Theme Family Halloween Costumes: Boo or Woot?

Are matchy-matchy family theme Halloween costumes too cute or best reserved for Awkward Family Photos? Give us your two snack-sized candies and upload your pride-and-joy Flintstones Family Halloween photos here. It's all in good fun this Halloween weekend. ...more

Or maybe the Napoleon Dynamite family shot is the cutest. Awesome!

aka Honeybeast

Dressing Up: Tips for Playing it Safe in Costumes

Hallelujah Day Early on, my brother and I dressed up as Bible characters and went to the "Hallelujah Festival" at our Christian school ...more

Fall Festival Fun

I love fall. There’s just something about the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing, and the approach of Thanksgiving that will lift a weight off one’s shoulders from a too busy schedule, and it reminds us to slow down. It reminds us to remember the moments that pass us, take mental pictures of events that fly by too fast, and to sit back and enjoy this life that we have, despite obstacles it may contain....more

Halloween with Older Kids: I'm Totally Over It

Halloween is next weekend, and neither of my children have settled on a costume. My son (in 5th grade) wants us to make plans to go trick-or-treating with some friends of his, but he can't decide what he wants to wear. I'm not particularly looking forward to an evening of tromping around just so that he can get all jacked up on sugar. My daughter (7th grade) wants me to make her a costume, but she's not sure what, and also can't I please just drop her off with friends and then cease to exist? ...more
@Waffle-Wednesday I love this!! you are officially my halloween hero.more

Halloween Costumes for the Pop Culture Inclined: Sookie, Snooki, Colbert and Zuckerberg!

So invitations to Halloween costume parties are posted on your fridge door with alerts programmed into your Blackberry, but what's your plan? Oh, sure, you could just go as a ghost or a cat (yawn), just as you did in 1981, '85, '91, and '97 -- but where's the fun in that? And you certainly don't want to buy a prepacked "adult sexy gypsy" costume, because that's just, well, sad. No, you are a woman of today! You want a costume that says, "I know what year it is, it's 2010, and my costume is au courant!" ...more

the Sexame Street! I went to a Halloween party a couple years ago and someone dressed as Flo, ...more