Happy Halloween

Happy, belated, Halloween to ya'll! I hope everyone had a fun, and safe night last night. Halloween is always so fun in college. There are always many parties to choose from and crazy costumes to wear. I came home this Halloween. For the first time in four years, Halloween fell on the weekend so I could come home for my Maw Maw (my grandmother, for all you non-Louisiana people) and my Moma's Birthdays! After we celebrated, I met up with my cousins to further celebrate All Hallows Eve. It was a great night. What did ya'll do? Any fun parties?...more

Halloween: You Wanna See Something Scary? Give My Kid a Piece of Candy.

This is the first year my kids are aware of the existence of Halloween.  My older daughter, somewhere north of four and a half, is in school for the first time, where Halloween themes began to permeate school activities two weeks ago.  There will be a class party and a "Halloween Parade", which, I gather, is marching around the building in a costume.And thus, this year, the lid has been blown off of Halloween. ...more
also the dyes are horrible. Red 40 and Yellow 5 and 6 are the bad ones. These dyes are banned ...more

Halloween costume tips to keep your kids safe

Halloween is nearly upon us - that special day of the year when ghosts and goblins, super heroes and fairies come out for tricks and treats and a night full of fun. While it's an exciting time for kids, it's important for parents to take some precautions to insure the day is a safe one. According to statistics, children are four times more likely to be injured on Halloween night than any other night of the year. ...more

A few tips for those of us who will be handing out the candy:

- Light the ...more

Shopping the Closet for Halloween

We've still got three weeks and change until Halloween, a holiday that doesn't really creep up so much as start appearing in August. The big-box stores started opening before Labor Day, there are pumpkins crowding around outside the supermarkets and popping up in abandoned lot pumpkin patches, and the corn mazes are standing tall. ...more

Creepy Costumes

Photo credit: Jesse It took me some time to figure out how she did it - at first I thought it was photoshopped - but then I realized she's closing her eyes and the fake eyes were painted on her closed lids. ...more

Don't Dress Ugly For Halloween: A Scary Story!

  Ladies, this has been written for you. And, there might even be some guys out there who will find this Halloween story scary enough to make them think twice before deciding what to wear this Friday for Halloween, too. ...more

Thanks for commenting on my post. You pose an interesting question. I should have remembered ...more

Memories of Halloween Costumes Past

Last Saturday we drove to Party City to pick out some Halloween costumes. As I drove, one of my kids asked what she "was" last year. This led to a free-for-all conversation about what each of the kids wore going back as far as 1996 when my oldest daughter was a 9-month-old clown. My middle daughter, our list maker, kept track of the costume by year list. ...more

Costumes R Not Us: I'm so uncrafty I can't stand myself

So, I suck at making homemade costumes.  I mean, really really suck.  But my youngest child has been hankering for me to make him a spider costume since Friday - today is now Tuesday, 8pm, EST. Ahem. So finally today, I stopped at a CVS and bought two pairs of opaque black tights.  Then tonight, we got out a spare pillow that we haven't used in years and we cut it up, taking out the foam inside and we stuffed the foam into the legs of the tights.  Voila - four spider legs.   ...more

That sounds like a perfect costume, and you did actually make it, see?  I wrote about ...more

Pumpkin costumes aren't just for kids - or are they?

When I think "pumpkin costume", this adult costume is NOT what comes to mind. I cannot imagine wearing such a thing but if you've done it, you should totally share your post/photos. I'm sure it looked great on you. ...more

Yeaaah. There's nothing like the early pregnancy to make you feel pretty old, hee. I was 22 ...more

Have a Greener Halloween

A friend was telling me the other day that she can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ people in Northern California buy for Halloween. She is from a small town in Southern California and they never bought costumes or make-up. They would just make their own from old clothes and maybe put charcoal on their faces. She has a good point. Our love affair with buying things for any occasion is out of control, and likely not just in Northern California. When looking at greener solutions to your typical Halloween Holiday, consider the basics and what you really need to have fun. ...more

Thanks for the green ideas! Very ...more