Zombies, Run! How an App Got Me to Exercise

The beauty of the couch to 5K program is it's a very clear regimen. There are some variations, but they all use interval training and drills to take you from basically a couch potato to being able to run for 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) in about eight to nine weeks. I chose to use the Zombies, Run! 5K app for my phone to help guide me through the drills. ...more
Awesome! Keep it up!more

As Long As I'm Not Picked Last

I've never been what you'd consider an "athletic" person. It wasn't so much I was lazy, I just had a petrifying fear of being picked last for the team. And, in all honesty, my fears weren't completely unjustified considering kids are total fuckwads and would pick me last. Then I'd cry, further sealing my fate of loserdome, as not only the kid who gets picked last, but cries about it. Uh, no. I saw the writing on that wall and would've rather given up my 90210 Brenda doll for a month than participate in Little League anything. ...more
This post is 80 kinds of awesome. Congrats on making the decision to run.   See how you feel ...more

Fitness Journey: Week 1

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting at dinner my friend challenged me to start running. I've been run/walking on and off since August and haven't really made any progress. A group of us talked about how often we start and stop exercising. We lose dedication and momentum and as a result keep the bodies and attitudes we've always had.  I WANT A CHANGE!   ...more

Running on...

Off and on over the past few years, I’ve attempted to become a runner. With varying degrees of intensity. My sister has also become a runner, but she’s for real, yo. She runs miles and miles.I haven’t gone running in a long time. I do yoga pretty much daily and I haul around a 500 pound toddler, so I like to think that I’m not totally out of shape.This weekend, the Coca Cola 10k happened....more
 @emylibef  It is really a great way to get everyone involved and active :)more

The Long, Slow Defiant Athlete Couch to Sprint Program

I've been thinking the last few weeks about the Couch to 5K 8 week program that it seems like everyone on Earth is either participating in, knows someone who is participating in or has some future plan for maybe participating in some day. I was leery about it though, for me. Because I've struggled with running, or even building up to where I can walk at a moderate pace (3 mph) for any length of time without pain. I can say with some certainty that there is no way in hell I will be able to run a 5K in the next eight weeks....more

Sharni Montgomery, Running for the Afghan Women's Writing Project

Sharni Montomery is a self-proclaimed couch potato living in -- and blogging from -- rural Australia. Nine weeks ago she decided to get off the couch, spend nine short weeks in training, and then run a 5k. Why? To raise money for the Afghan Women's Writing Project. Sharni made a video for her blog Sharnanigans! to get the word out about her project. ...more

Fantastic effort for a very worthy cause. Well done Sharni!

From Alex

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Running and Recovery - Just for Today

About eight months ago I had a turning point in my life. Instead of hiding from and burying my fears - a trait I'd gotten very good at over the years - I began to learn to face them head on. In addition to therapy and medication, I recently discovered two more things I want and need to do to take better care of myself - the first is getting regular exercise and the second is attending a 12-step program (for friends and families of problem drinkers). ...more

I used to run 5k races all the time, mostly just against myself but I've competed in a few. ...more

day 1!

ok - so i've thought about this for quite awhile.  hemmed and hawed ... browsed online, dabbled in jogging.. now i'm doing it. first day today of my "couch to 5K" plan - finally found and downloaded a good music podcast (suz's .. kissmyblackass or something like that) and JDI. ...more