Made a New Sculpture appropriate for Valentine's Day

     I did infact get back to my studio and have made a new sculpture out of clay. It depicts a married couple (us) cuddling on the couch and dozing off in each other's arms. It seems appropriate to write about it on Valentine's Day. The sculpture is still wet and drying. Doing sculpture in clay as been a life long love of mine. I had been away from it for a while focusing on my book. It feels great to have my hands in the clay again.      I will be having a book signing and art display in March and will write about that. Stay tuned....more

Happy is as Happy Does: Kick Roadblocks to the Curb

This is my third post on happiness, if I don't count posts that alluded to maintaining that happy feeling. All this introspection is killing me, but I'm one of those people who thinks the universe has something to teach us. So, when I consistently get the same request, to write on a certain topic, visit a certain place, pay attention to a certain person, I think perhaps I should fulfill that request. ...more

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