Thrify Travel: Ever thought of Couchsurfing or AirBnB?

Let’s face it: sometimes the most expensive part of travel is finding a cheap place to stay. When traveling on a budget, if you’re up for it, sometimes you can find cheap hotels outside of the city. If you’re lucky, the city you’re visiting will have good public transportation and you can take a bus or subway/light rail to get around. If you’re not lucky, you can be stuck spending money on taxis if you’re too far away to walk. ...more

Dirty Hosts

I may have to hurry, as my connection karma may have rested itself, unknowingly, in the bed of an ambulance, or the passenger seat of a firetruck.  It seems wherever and whenever I roam, if there are sirens of some sort involved, the Internets have been known to go out…Interesting who our civil servants choose to protect, and who to put out into the cold…Anyways, rambling…...more

Couch Surfing (the ride of your life!) from LLYOV

My initial reaction to couch surfing, like many with whom I've since shared the gift, was fear and disbelief: “So you just knock on some strangers door, they let you crash at their house and they don't want anything from you?” It was worth a more comprehensive look....more
Couch surfing is a great way to create connections with the people and places.I am a big fan of ...more

Open Letter to Casey Fenton of CouchSurfin Inc.

I do not know if anyone else on BlogHer uses CouchSurfing, a website designed to connect travelers with people who were happy to host them on their couch or in their spare room.Those who do will know by now that the founders of this site, which is now 3 million members strong, have recently decided to incorporate.This is my response to the unpopular decision. ...more
@keira_may I like your letter to @CS_Casey - check @bewelcome for a non profit hospitality ...more

The Countdown Begins, 3 Days till Australia

3 Days!That's right, in only 3 days I will be boarding a plane to Australia where I will spend the next 12 months of my life. Everyone I know keeps telling me how exciting it's going to be, how much fun I'm going to have, but to tell the truth I'm nervous, very very nervous....more

Privacy piracy: In a home near you

"What I want to see is pure, unadulterated blogging – a total exposé." It's a gutsy thing to say considering I've just moved in with him. But he meant it, and I knew it, because he's the sort of man who likes to get down to the gritty uncomfortable truth of ... everything. ...more