Community Update: Coma’s Own Sadie Cracker Hosts “Accidental Cougar” Seminar

On Friday, January 23rd, Coma’s Ms. Sadie Cracker will host a seminar called: “The Accidental Cougar: Unintentionally Finding a Younger, Richer, Better Looking Man and How to Drop Him”.Synopsis is written below:...more

The Cougar on Display

It was a hot sunny day and I opted for the coolness of new maxi dress. It was the best option for a lady who did not want to shave her legs and look somewhat put together. I put it on, grabbed my sunglasses, wrangled up the kids, and off we went for a family road trip to the zoo. As we drove along my husband gave me a wink, "Nice to see the girls!" "What?" "The girls!" I looked in the mirror and didn't realize how low-cut my halter dress actually was and gasped! My girls were giving a show and it was not appropriate zoo attire. It was also too late to change! ...more
@sparkling74 Hahahaha! Come to think of it - I pretty much hate the term too! I wonder why it's ...more

Cougar Town

A couple of weeks back, my girlfriend dragged me out to a halloween party @ The Club in the cross.  I had chosen a playboy bunny outfit, put on a stack of makeup with that smokey eye affect and fishnet stockings with heels to match....more

Dating Older Men: What's TOO Old to You?

Any article that deals with age can be a sensitive one - but today, though I'm writing this in delicate tone, I'd like to ask wom...more

Since I was in my twenties, I've regularly been with partners 8 - 13 years older than I was. ...more

Co-Dependent No more.

       I am 27. My best friend of 24 years is getting married next weekend and my twin sister is getting married the second weekend in July. What is different between me and them? Why is having a marriage something I am so envious of? Do men like theirs really exsist?...more


Ladies, did you know that when you divide your age in half and then add 8 (so in my case 36/2=18+8=26) that number (26) becomes the age of the opposite sex, for if you were to date him, you would be considered a "COUGAR?" Yes, that's right. And I don't believe that term is alternated with "kitten" which seems young, fun and cute. Cougar seems old, harsh and all "leopard-y." I am considered a cougar at age 36....kind of a bummer. Let me stop you here...yes, I am a married woman....more

Calling Out All Cougars!

Today’s Blog Post was sort of like a joint effort between myself and the yummy mummies at the local Second Cup Cafe. It all started with my girlfriend, who met me for a coffee after school drop off. “What are you writing about today?” she asked. “Not quite sure. Was thinking about Cougars. What do you think?” I replied. In no time, we had about 5 women there, all throwing ideas my way, me typing as quickly as I could. I know why I never go to that particular Cafe to write. It’s VERY distracting. But FUN!...more

You had me at yummy mummies...and now I get to "mind-blowing sex."

Hotttt. Sex sells, loving it.more

The Cougar: Progressive or Exploitative?

Age disparity in relationships is nothing new. But this year has seen an increase in older women in relationships with younger men in movies and television, leading publications like Newsweek to declare 2009 The Year of the Cougar. For those of you who, for one reason or another, don't know, a cougar, essentially, is an older woman who pursues and enjoys sexual relationships with men at least ten years their juniors. ...more

You gals are overthinking this thing. Young dudes are HOT. Older chicks are HORNY. Get them ...more

Cougar vs. Coyote

A night on the town celebrating our very own Mimi's birthday, a male friend that was with us was approached by a noticeably older woman sitting at the bar. She asked our friend his age and made a comment "I'm going to be a 'cougar' with you". Since he's a man that pays zero attention to these terms used on shows like 'Entertainment Tonight' and magazines such as Vogue or MarieClaire, with a curious face he tells me what she says. For some of you readers who may not know what a 'cougar' is, its a term used to describe older women who date men at least 8 years or more their JUNIOR. ...more

Learn how to use 'em....

On The Prowl

There definately seems to be an increasing interest in the older woman-young man relationship, as of late. While some actresses like Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn have been with their younger men (Tim Robbins and Kurt Russell, respectively), have Madonna and Demi Moore made it even more acceptable? Desirable, even. ...more