easy wind and downy flake

Toronto hasn't seen much snow this winter – yet. But the monster blizzard that battered the east coast this past weekend has me reminiscing about past winters and life in simpler times. Not that there was ever anything "simple" about enduring massive snowfalls, ice storms, and power outages. But I can't help wondering if our always-connected, always turned on twenty-first century life means we have a harder time coping when the inevitable happens. And then I wonder what if the grid goes down and stays down?...more

Vegetable with a Plot (Don't trust the zucchini!)

Ah, summer. One of my favourite things this time of year is shopping at the Farmer's Market on Friday mornings. By now, in late July, all the stands are loaded with fresh, colourful fruit and vegetables and the air fairly zings with the pungent scent of basil. It feels good to support local growers while stocking my pantry with feasts for a week....more

Apple & Anise Jelly

There is something incredibly autumnal about the smell of cooking apples. The sweet, caramel smell is as comforting as the blanket you might throw over your knees now that the evenings are getting a little chilly. It is a smell that immediately transports me back to my youth, when stealing apples from an orchard near our house was an autumn tradition. We had plenty of apple trees at home, but somehow the stolen apples were far more enticing. ...more

Home-Butchering a Pig

Fair warning: This post contains descriptions and images of animal butchery that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. Meat. It's delicious. I love it. I don't, however, love how much of the world's meat is managed. Anyone who has seen such programmes as "Food Inc." will understand the impact that intensive farming of animals for meat has on the lives of the animals, the quality of the meat produced and on the environment. This is not the kind of meat I want to eat. ...more

South Jersey pastoral.

The weather at my dad’s has been crummy all week: torrential rain alternating with overcast days so humid I felt as though I were swimming instead of walking. Today the sun came out and the breeze picked up and I had the chance to do something I rarely get to do:Hang laundry outside to dry.I washed sheets, towels and a few pieces of clothing. It was a real pleasure to put these items on the line, where they instantly puffed out in the breeze. I remembered a line from “Midsummer Night’s Dream”:...more

scandinavian cottage

Welcome to my Blog Scandinavian Cottage!http://scandinaviancottage.blogspot.com/  ...more