Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

Oh, I’m excited to write this one.  I’m excited about this post.  WordPress feeds me prompts, and this one — this one I can write about.Music.  Sweet, sweet music.Whenever people ask me what I’m into, I have to throw music in, because I can’t picture life without it.I play it, I sing it, I listen to it often....more

Country Music Fans' Dream Come True: The 2013 CMA Music Fest

I love music. I always have. It has the ability to take me to times and places from days gone by like nothing else. I usually leave the XM radio on Spectrum and I'm happy with about 90% of the songs I hear. But this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a lot of new music (for me) and a lot of talent when I attended two nights of the CMA Music Fest 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. This is an event where hundreds of country artists gather on multiple stages to show their love for the fans....more

Stagecoach 2013


How To Be Awesome - Music Edition

  Hey Ya'll!  Alright I am not from the south at all and I do not have an accent, although sometimes I think it would be cute if I were a Southern Bell.  I think it would totally work....more

An Open Letter To My Family About My Recent Discovery/Obsession With Pandora Radio

Dear beloved family of mine,It has been brought to my attention numerous times over the past several weeks that you do not share my glee over my newly downloaded Pandora radio app. Although you all have enjoyed using this app for years, I am a newbie and as such, I feel as though I'm entitled to a little enthusiasm over finding a (mostly) commercial-free source for all of my music needs.This includes, but is not limited to, British Invasion, Prince, 80s Pop, Disco and Classic Country....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com HI Robin! You're welcome about the intro to Pandora - it's amazing!  :)more

My Letter to Toby Keith

So, John Hamm and I are spending this weekend in Virginia with Apollo (because he has no friends and we needed to come out here and cheer him up/wing-girl for him friendship style).The very first thing we did after showing up at his apartment and having a beer was to go out to dinner.We ended up at Toby Keith's I <3 This Bar & Grill....more

5 other things

Blog Directory1. I drove through the Shopper’s parking lot like I was Heath Ledger trying to dodge the policeman on the bleachers in that movie.That was back before he shaved his head, did drugs, and when he was in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You.”2. The first thing I read in Megan Boyle’s book was “I could never be a sports writer , unless my assignment was to write’ sports sports sports sports sports sports sports’ for three pages.”...more

Blame It On Brad Paisley

One day in May 2004, Cris and I became country music fans. It wasn't even a gradual thing. It happened in less than a week. When we told friends, they looked at us like we'd just spoken Spanish. Or said that we'd become gangsta rap fans....more