Speculation Part I

For every action, there's a reaction....more


The first time I ever heard someone say something about not loving each other anymore as the reason she got a divorce from her husband, I wondered what she meant. It took me some months later as I pondered on it, to realise that couples could actually crush their love for each other....more

When Was Your Last Date With Your Partner? Focus more on your relationship with each other, Rather than the kids

I realized in the over one hundred posts from this past year, I have not written once about marriage or committed relationships. I've written about simple living issues such as organizing, eco-friendly items, emotional health, community events, and even our dog, but not one post has been about the very important relationship we have with our spouses or partners....more

Dealing with BF's ex...please help!

  So this is my first time writing a blog.. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 months now, i have fallen head over heels for him (but not so obviously to him lol). Before we began dating we were very open with eachother and still are. We are allowed to sleep with other people and "play" as we call it, as long as it doesnt effect our personal relationship with eachother. We both have had trouble being faithful to past partners, and dont like being completely restricted, which is why this type of relationship is suitable for us....more

4 Things I Learned From Being a Sex Columnist

Although my 17 year-old son calls me a “Sexpert”, I’m definitely not one. I have no special sex training or credentials. But, during the last year of writing my column, “Sex & the Suburbs ” for MakeItBetter.net, I’ve interviewed many people who really are experts in the areas of sex, sensuality and relationships and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way....more

Thank you Marjie Killeen, for writing this article for TheSucculenWife. You can read more from ...more

What We Must See: After War in Sri Lanka

They got married in 1990 and were leading a normal life. Both husband and wife used to make sweet called “Muscat” and sell it for survival. But after they got injured, they have become immobile. Jeyarubi Jeyalingam crawls on the ground and grass to move around. Her husband, Selvaratnam Jeyalingam, has a wooden clutch to support. ...more

My thoughts are strongly with this family. I ended up at a train station in Agra, India. The ...more

What she really means: translation for men

Top words used from women and their real meaningFrom elenasc.wordpress.com...more

funny but true.men should need to read this.more

Just married? Read about divorce

Finding out how articles about divorce can make you see your working marriage in a different prospectiveFrom elenasc.wordpress.com...more

What men think: Face over Figure

Men and women always wonder what’s in other gender’s head, and even if most of the time we are in different planets, are we so sure about our differences? From elenasc.wordpress.com...more