Boyfriend Refuses To Give An Inch

Why is it when you know you’re right and your boyfriend’s wrong, he refuses to give an inch? Why won’t he listen to you when it’s obvious he messed up?   ...more


Why is it that your mate always seems deficient in your eyes? Why is it that when you look at your beloved, all you see are flaws?   ...more

Living on the Road Together

With Valentine's Day around the corner, my inbox is a swamp of cliched press releases, each one of them attempting to sell me the idea of romantic travel -- a trip to Paris, perhaps, or exotic chocolates from far away places, or little extras that you can pack to transform the sturdy beige interior of your hotel room into a rose colored tent in the desert. Yeah, okay, maybe. ...more

Do you have friends? Even friends without kids? Trade off a weekend. They watch your kids ...more

When it Comes to Marriage, A Little Childlike Manipulation Doesn't Hurt

The next time you’re angry at your husband try acting like a child....more

The Childless Years

Jen @ ...more

What Valentine Means At 30 & Beyond

Me and my husband have been together for 11 years now, and the years we spent in courtship have etched cherished memories that will stay with us for the entire lifetime. Unfortunately, as you transform from lovers to parents, its hard to find time to create those special moments and occasions that explicitly say I Love You!...more

Unique Ideas for Personalizing Jewelry

BayaYou may own a piece of jewelry with only your name, initials or medical information engraved on it. There are other unique things that you can engrave when giving someone a very special piece of jewelery. When giving such a gift to someone, it shows that a great deal of thought went into it.When a couple gets married, many have the date of their marriage engraved on the inside of their wedding bands....more

Shaving Strike

WARNING: This post contains graphic material so prepare yourselfDuring the end of November and all through the month of December I went on strike when it came to shaving. It was the season of jeans and boots and I had no business wasting time during my morning routine when the only person touching my legs was the Vietnamese lady at my favorite nail shop. Sure I shaved my arm pits (now that would just be plain disgusting) but the rest of my body provided a shout out to the 70s....more