Couponing for Newvies

Coupon NewbiesIf you are just starting to learn to coupon it can be frustrating & overwhelming. When I 1st started learning how to coupon I was completely confused.  Do what?  Use What?  Use this where?...more

Next frugal tip!

Sorry it has been awhile. I didn't mean to get caught up with well life! Our weekend wasn't really busy but maybe that is what we needed. This week has been an awful whirlwind and we just want it over. We went to mid week service last night to try and recharge. Going to church is never bad but we wanted more of a recharge than a bible lesson but nonetheless it was good to go and God was happy we were there. Last time I mentioned Krazy coupon lady and I hope you have found that site helpful! Today I am going to talk a little more about coupons and then move on....more

How-To Series – Score Low Cost & Free Items with Sales and Coupons

Original post from The Lifeboat - www.thelifeboat.infoIn my How-To Buy Healthy Food for Less series I will be blogging about how  I save money and bring healthier food into my home.  Last week I shared a outline of the gameplan I use, and today I begin to share the process of shopping and saving....more

How-To Buy Healthy Food For Less


Coupon Blog

This is blog mainly for myself and how far I've come with my couponing. I do enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with others because I think it keeps me sane most of the time. Every Sunday I buy my boyfriend's mother newspapers and I buy myself some whether they have any or not. Because you can always get lucky and have an extra coupon ad. I like to find the best deals myself, but at times, I like to enjoy my Sundays to couponing....more

Coupon for Healthy Bars!

As a poor college kid stretching her quarters during an internship abroad, I'm always on the lookout for ways to save money without reducing my quality of life. Ta-da: coupons!Here is a 10% off coupon for customizable protein bars that are both tasty and delicious (*spoiler* - there's a cookie dough flavor that tastes just like cookie dough). ...more

Frugal Eating

I have found the coolest menu website!!  It's called and it is not your usual recipe website!Oh, it has recipes.  And a recipe box to save them in, etc.  But this site has an added feature that is just incredible!! When you first go to the site, you will need to register.  They'll ask for your location and the three grocery stores you shop at the most.  Why?  Because those grocery stores are the key to eating frugal!!...more

Clearly Fresh Bags winners AND a limited time discount for everyone!

What a great response to my review of Clearly Fresh Bags!I used RANDOM.ORG to generate the five winners. And they are...more

Couponing 101 from an Un-Extreme Coupon Shopper

I'm not sure if it's the aesthetic or a simple case of Obsessive Compulsiveness that causes me to neatly arrange and organize my couponing stockpile.  But when I do, I sit back and stare at it as if it's a treasured trophy from a national championship game or an Olympic gold medal. I suppose in a way it is some sort of game trophy.  After all, I do strategically work out a game plan, write out all of the plays and carry it out all the way to the end zone or finish line.  And I have a nice trophy (a.k.a. stockpile) to show off because of my effort....more

I hate all kinds of shopping. I'm also the person who would spend 20 minutes in a grocery store ...more

How To Save Money With Coupons!!

People ask me, how do you get things for free? well, I'm going to tell you how I do it so you can too.If you want to get things for Free or at a steep discount, there are certain things that you need to make habits, apart of your daily/weekly routine such as Buy Sunday Papers for the Coupon inserts, never miss a week....more

Great couponing ...more