Spend Les Save More: Coupon Organization

Now that you’ve gathered up all those new coupons for this week’s sales it’s time to make your list of needs and wants. Now remember needs always come  first and the wants last so make those list so that if for some reason your calculations are a bit off you know what you can do without and what you can’t....more

The bag lady blues

A stage play The Purse Chronicles debuted in Denver this past year from author Coleen Hubbard. The play involves two men who find a purse and try to imagine the personality of the woman from the contents. I thought of this play as I peered into my bag this week. It's winter, so I switched to my bag with lots of pockets. You know the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, bicycle courier, bag....more

Coupon Organization: A Peek in my Binder

As I promised yesterday, I am posting details about my coupon file system for the world to see.  As I was deciding what method would work the best for me, it really helped to see how other people did it.  For even more ideas, check out my friend's recent post on Centsational Saver where she details various different organizational ideas....more

I know this is old but I'm a new couponer and thought I'd see what people have blogged about ...more