What kind of Couponer are you? Day 2

Day 2- The disorganized Couponer- you print out  and clip coupons online and out of your Sunday paper only to forget them while out on  a shopping trip. Or perhaps you remember the coupon and then realize at checkout that your coupon has expired. ...more

The Coupon Craze

These days more consumers than ever before are dedicated to saving money....more

My Debut as a Coupon Shopper

I had done my research (by reading every word of the Beginners Section of The Krazy Coupon Lady), clipped coupons from last Sunday's paper, printed numerous internet coupons and had sale papers in hand.  Although I felt I was ready for the challenge, I was also nervous. Really, nervous? Yes, nervous. Nervous I wouldn't find the right sales. Nervous I would get caught in the emotion and buy way too much stuff that *gasp* wasn't on sale nor that I had a coupon for....more

Hey Denise,
That's exactly what I've done tonight (a very romantic Friday night with my ...more

Are You Really Getting A Deal? Your Savings Can End Up Costing You

I love shopping for the best deals. I clip coupons to match with store sales to optimize my savings. I also sign up for several daily emails which update me with the best sales, coupons or other freebies for the day. After reading some of those articles, I wondered how many of us just buy something just because it’s on sale or free. Maybe you don’t really need the item but since its only a few cents here or a few dollars there, you go ahead and get it....more

I just blogged about this last week. I stopped doing coupons when the local paper got too ...more