Do You Want to Change? Change Your Mind.

Have you ever wished someone would just give you a different life? A new identity. One where you could bag up all the rubbish. Bin it. And then change your neighbourhood entirely with none of the crap you created this side of the fence? I have. How easy that would be. Up sticks and leave. Thank-you-very-much. ...more

Do You 'Should' Yourself?

I don't think I'm alone here, that others (maybe even you) have trundled the 'should've, could've, didn't, whoops' path. Am I? AM I? Let's see... Perhaps I should have stayed on the train and went to the college that I really wanted to go to but I didn't. I got off and came back because I met the 'love of my life' a week before. Yeah, that worked out, well it did work out, I suppose that is true.  ...more

She was only FIVE

When Ari was 5 years old her mom and two brothers lived with her aunt, uncle and their kids.  Ari was asleep one day in one of rooms and as she was sleeping a cousin started molesting her. As she was feeling him put his hands in her pants she started waking up, when she opened her eyes she was scared and didn't fully understand what was happening. Within minutes her moms youngest sister walked in on him touching her, she ran out screaming for Ari’s mom, he hurried up took his hands out of her pants and stood up....more
I am just now reading your post. What a terrible story. I only hope Ari got help down the line. ...more

Unexpected Wisdom

The most surprising things pop up in my inbox. For example, I get newsletters from a Tarot website once a month. I guess I must have signed up to be a member of their site at some point… I just don’t remember doing it.  ...more

Women With Balls

What do Lady Diana, Erin Brokovich, Amelie, Scout and Michelle Obama have in common? Poise, strength, curiousity and balls. Yup, I just said that! In honor of International Women's Day, from the archives, a post to honor these and other read

A Lesson In Grace

Someone hurt you and you’re holding a grudge. You feel a well-deserved sense of righteous indignation. You’re in the right. That someone was wrong. You have every right to feel the way you do. Anyone who heard the story would take your side.Maybe she abandoned you.Perhaps he betrayed you.She broke your heart.He molested you.She criticized you.He withdrew love.She beat you up.He failed to protect you....more

Willing to Suffer

Steph here.Suffering. Feeling distress…enduring pain….an inevitable part of life. I’ve been trying to face the pain and sorrow that dwells in my heart brought there by events out of my control. I’ve been trying to register the suffering and make some sense of it. But sometimes when I look sadness, hurt, loss, and pain straight in the face, I wonder if there is any sense to be made, or if I’ll ever stop barely treading water in its depths....more

The Worst Kind Of Betrayal

I was reading my shero Brené Brown’s new book Daring Greatly: How The Courage To Be Vulnerable Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead when I reached page 51 and my heart stopped in an “OMG, how did she read my mind, and how did she know exactly how to give language to something that’s been hurting for years?” sorta way....more

Bless Us, Everyone

Are you as upset as I am about the latest in a string of mass shootings?  I'm so disturbed and mournful about the Newtown tragedy and at the same time I feel powerless. I feel powerless to assist, powerless to understand, powerless to comprehend let alone to empathize.  How could ...more

Which Ways Are You Brave?

When I started working on my latest book about how fear makes you sick and how courage helps you heal, I had the nerve to tell Matt I was writing the book for fearful people like him. (Note to self: Keep some thoughts private.)Not surprisingly, Matt got offended and we had a bit of a tiff, which we can now laugh about enough for him to give me permission to tell you this story.Dirty Feet...more
I've never really thought of it this way. I'm the type of person who tends to harp on the ...more