Courage to Adventure

When I work with clients I usually have them work on definitions of what they believe in.  One of clients recently came up with a definition that surprised her.  Until she had taken the time to sit down to actually define what these words meant to her, she had no idea where they would take her.  Now she has more clarity with what is in front of her and what needs more focus.  What a gift she has given herself. ...more

One Wild, and Delicious Life

March is Women's History Month…let's hear your HERstory. Think about what happened up to this point to form who You are today. Consider all the women who have influenced you. And not the obvious women:  parents, grandparents, aunts, teachers, counselors, clergy, and extended family. Who or what else has been important to you?...more

5 Steps from Fear to Freedom

The following is an excerpt from my new book The Fear Cure. ...more
Hi Lissa! I wasn't sure how else to contact you so I'll just leave a comment. I notice how ...more

Do Your Thing (Advice on Blogging)

I love to read, yet I rarely make time to get wrapped up in a book these days. With DVR and all my favorite television shows mid-season, I often opt to sit in front of a television rather than cuddle with a good book. On Monday, the weather was frightful and I had nothing left on the DVR. Normally, I would galavant around town, stopping at HomeGoods, Kohl’s, or Target, looking for nothing in particular and leaving the stores with items I really don’t need. Since I was in no rush to get hypothermia, I opted to stay inside....more

Why To Kill A Mockingbird Is Still Relevant Today.

Last week, Harper Lee announced that she was released a sequel to her award winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.  As a former English teacher and total book nerd, this news was pretty fantastic. My only trepidation is how could she possibly top her first (and only) novel?...more

Gifts of Infertility - Courage

Rather than being the easy way out, letting go of a dream can require immense bravery.It takes courage to say, “enough is enough,” to step off the treadmill and often, away from the support we might have there.It takes courage to know that your decision will bring sadness and loss, to absorb that as part of you, and to continue to face the world every day....more
So true.  The whole infertility journey requires immense courage.  From that first step of going ...more

Am I Safe? Can I Climb?

My family recently became members at the local YMCA.  The timing of this decision coincided with the onslaught of winter weather that drives many of us indoors for exercise as well as the New Year, which brings additional folks to the gym with new tennis shoes and big dreams.  I’m a fan of dreamers so I’m happy to share the treadmill.  (Really, I'm just happy to get off the treadmill).   ...more

What Exactly Is a Rape-Free Hour?

December 5th, Mumbai 2014. The city looks the same. The sea from my hotel room at Taj Lands End looked calm. It’s been more than two years, and I was looking forward to meet my besties. Three of us friends were going to meet over drinks at a popular bandra bar. We decided to drive ourselves to the said destination and cap our evening by 9 p.m. I took stock of the city’s situation after the recent numerous assaults, and considered activating the rape safety valve. There were new rules this time that i needed to be aware of....more

I Wanted You To See What Real Courage Is…

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” ...more

Having the Courage to Stop Worrying and Start Believing

How often do we let worry consume us? How do we know what the first step is to learn how to stop worrying and start living? Sometimes it just gets to the point where it's too hard to shake off. Usually when I'm feeling this type of way, I'll turn to my Bible and meditate on what it says. Having the reassurance that God has my back has always been able to uplift my spirits and get me to the place I need to be....more