Heroes Through Courageous Acts

Wow! I’m impressed! As I continue to hear my friend’s story my thoughts turn to OMG, then outrage, and then compassion. Her story weaves and turns like the good storyteller that she is. In the story she shares a piece of her life that encompasses the seductiveness of power, the climax, and the heroine walking away scarred, yet intact....more

Crosspost: The Paradox of Fear

Pretending to Be Courageous for My Son

Yesterday Zach and I went ice-skating for the first time together. I haven’t skated in decades, and I remember being spectacularly bad at it. I had absolutely no body awareness until I was in my early ‘20s and started doing aikido....more

Reverb 2013 - Day 3

My low point.I think my lowest point this year was when both Baby and I were sobbing simultaneously. I had been struggling and struggling, trying to get things right, then just trying to get things....more

Nelson Mandela Dies at Age 95: We Will Remember His Legacy

[Editor's Note: South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela has died at age 95 on December 5, 2013. His legacy of non-violent action for racial equality will be remembered as it was by Lisa Owen, who wrote this beautiful post earlier this year when Mandela was admitted to the hospital. --Grace] ...more
It's one of the saddest day in history. He will be remembered always as a man who devoted his ...more

On Being Vulnerable

Last week there was this beautiful theme circulating on many of the blogs I read. Each writer, in their own way, reminding themselves and their readers that perfection is what holds us back from being happy, connecting to others, and being true to ourselves. It's recognizing that who we are is ENOUGH that matters and creates change......more

Do You Want to Change? Change Your Mind.

Have you ever wished someone would just give you a different life? A new identity. One where you could bag up all the rubbish. Bin it. And then change your neighbourhood entirely with none of the crap you created this side of the fence? I have. How easy that would be. Up sticks and leave. Thank-you-very-much. ...more

Do You 'Should' Yourself?

I don't think I'm alone here, that others (maybe even you) have trundled the 'should've, could've, didn't, whoops' path. Am I? AM I? Let's see... Perhaps I should have stayed on the train and went to the college that I really wanted to go to but I didn't. I got off and came back because I met the 'love of my life' a week before. Yeah, that worked out, well it did work out, I suppose that is true.  ...more

She was only FIVE

When Ari was 5 years old her mom and two brothers lived with her aunt, uncle and their kids.  Ari was asleep one day in one of rooms and as she was sleeping a cousin started molesting her. As she was feeling him put his hands in her pants she started waking up, when she opened her eyes she was scared and didn't fully understand what was happening. Within minutes her moms youngest sister walked in on him touching her, she ran out screaming for Ari’s mom, he hurried up took his hands out of her pants and stood up....more
I am just now reading your post. What a terrible story. I only hope Ari got help down the line. ...more

Unexpected Wisdom

The most surprising things pop up in my inbox. For example, I get newsletters from a Tarot website once a month. I guess I must have signed up to be a member of their site at some point… I just don’t remember doing it.  ...more