Courage in the face of a lion

“The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage had a very different definition that it does today. Courage originally meant ‘To speak one’s mind by telling one’s heart.’” – Brené Brown  ...more

Certain Women

Never underestimate the power of certain women.        ...more

What if it had been the Hermione Granger ...more

Never Say 'Never!' To Getting Involved

Sometimes, trying to convince oneself is not so convincing. Saying "Never!" to a situation may change that "Never!" into exactly what happens next. Whatever the timeline, this scenario will surely come your way. 'I will never be friends with her. I will never be a vegetarian. I will never work for someone I don't like.' Yeah, nice try.  One of my “never’s” was to not participate in overseas missionary type work. No, thanks. I will write you a check and yes, please put me on your prayer email thingy but I do enough here in my hometown - for my Church, Children, and Charities....more

Thank you so much for your comments.... its confirming to have others feel the same perspective, ...more

Career Peaks And Valleys

We are living through ever changing periods of victories and downsides. Professionally or personally. It is not just us. We all have experienced it, even though we do not like to talk about it. Just the depth of each valley and the height of each peak is individual. As well as timing and lengths of each life phase. ...more


It seems the older we get, the more we acquire; not only in material things, but also the experiences that come from living life. No one goes through life without the ups and downs, the struggles, the hardships, the joys and celebrations that accumulate as the years add up.The more candles we have on our cake, the more stories we have to tell. ...more

"When there is no hope"...Gaining Courage in Tough Times!!!!!!!

. . . When you face a hardship in life, is fear the first emotion you feel? It doesn’t have to be. We can respond in faith regardless of our circumstances. Remember, courage isn’t just an attitude of toughness or determination. It is a quality of mind and spirit that enables us to meet the challenges of life with peace....more

Thank you Lord !!!!!! I feel wonderful.
Your promises Lord ,is all that we need to feel ...more

Are You Courageous?

"Courage is from the Latin word, cor, meaning heart — the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart." *...more

Courage: My word for 2011

Lately I've been reading about the concept of choosing a word to focus on for a whole year....more

I love that word. Courage is being fear-less...Fear is denying the existence of God, so if I am ...more

remembering to never forget

I just realized that I am looking foreword to tomorrow. There is nothing special planned for tomorrow, nothing to set it apart from any other day. But... that just made this realization all that much more powerful.  I have a life I am actually looking foreword to. No matter the off days I might have, majority rules...I am H A P P Y.   It wasnt but months ago I was crying myself to sleep at night and dreading the tomorrows. Always worried about how I was going to wake up and sometimes IF I was going to wake up....more