The Worst Kind Of Betrayal

I was reading my shero Brené Brown’s new book Daring Greatly: How The Courage To Be Vulnerable Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead when I reached page 51 and my heart stopped in an “OMG, how did she read my mind, and how did she know exactly how to give language to something that’s been hurting for years?” sorta way....more

Bless Us, Everyone

Are you as upset as I am about the latest in a string of mass shootings?  I'm so disturbed and mournful about the Newtown tragedy and at the same time I feel powerless. I feel powerless to assist, powerless to understand, powerless to comprehend let alone to empathize.  How could ...more

Which Ways Are You Brave?

When I started working on my latest book about how fear makes you sick and how courage helps you heal, I had the nerve to tell Matt I was writing the book for fearful people like him. (Note to self: Keep some thoughts private.)Not surprisingly, Matt got offended and we had a bit of a tiff, which we can now laugh about enough for him to give me permission to tell you this story.Dirty Feet...more
I've never really thought of it this way. I'm the type of person who tends to harp on the ...more

Fighting Bullying With Our Own Stories

You are strong enough -- you have always been strong enough, even as you drew your first breath, pink and sticky with placenta. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are individual. Your very existence is a testament to courage. You do not need the certainty of conformity because you are courage. You may not think it matters, you may think that you are alone, but the very act of being you, doing what makes you happy, liking what you like, dressing how you like, exploring what you like, is a triumph for freedom and self-expression on a much bigger battleground than you could ever imagine. ...more
Thank you for sharing tha great story thats so inspiring that teenager managed to turn that ...more

Gentle Persistence

Have you noticed that nagging, whining, complaining, sternly directing, yelling, criticizing and freaking out don’t seem to get you what you want from a partner, family member, friend, colleague or child? In a previous article, "Asking for What You Want," I explained how to ask cleanly and directly for what you want, and that being direct has a better success rate. While that’s true, it isn’t infallible. Sometimes, it’s necessary to use a technique I call "gentle persistence." ...more

The Sonic Seagulls: Following Your Dreams and Not Being Your Own Worst Enemy

There’s one Sonic on the Island where we live.  Thank goodness for this Sonic and happy hour as a young mom. We go there a lot - especially if the girls wake up early from their naps and dinner time seems extra-longish away.  We’re frequent customers.  And so are the seagulls.  ...more

Woodstock & The Art of Resilience

The little town that could (Woodstock, NY) hosted a writers weekend incorporating a discussion on the art of resilience, doesn't this seem fitting! The charming panel read from some of their work, shared with humor and poignancy their creative tales on how they keep it all together (more often than not.) There were a few jewels that I thought spoke to the art of resilience, whether or not we are writers.  I think these make great journaling questions for anyone still doing their morning pages:...more

It takes Courage to not Yell at my kids

Dear Mean Man at Smashburger (story here),...more
 @TheOrangeRhino Thank you. I am so moved by your words. Really appreciate it. --My eyes are a ...more

Walk It Off: I Want The Courage Of My Twelve Year Old Youth

It’s the third inning of my softball game, I’m catching for one of the hardest throwing pitchers in my town’s league, and I’m talking 80 mph windmill pitch for twelve year olds.  I feel honored to catch for her but each time I do I’m also scared out of my mind. This pitcher throws hard, fast and each pitch stings my hand as if I have been stung by a jelly fish....more