Getting Over My Fear of Flying

In just a few days I am going to fly in an airplane for the first time in seven years. This lack of time in the friendly skies is no accident.I admit to you, dear reader, that I am afraid to fly.  This hasn't always been true.  I flew several times during my twenties and at first I loved it. I flew solo to Norway when I was 18 to visit my brother and his family for a week. Great flights there and back....more

Looking for the White Knight

So, my therapist has been talking about me to other clients.  I'm totally cool with that--it's in a good way....more

An Amazing Story of Courage, Hope & Faith

I normally write and share my own words, but this story touched me so...I just wanted to share....more
 @Gifted1 Okay.  Now I feel inspired too!  Thank you!more

It's a pep talk! Go for it!

Last week I traveled to an organizational client site to facilitate a workshop in which participants received a comprehensive feedback report filled with perceptions from their managers, peers, direct reports, and other co-workers (360-degree assessment feedback); and I played a dual role: I was a facilitator/coach and I was a participant who got my own feedback.My feedback told me this: I’m seen as being great at building relationships and listening (whew!) and that I’m seen as not being as assertive and influential as I could be (hmmm)....more

Its a Loving Smile

The past few weeks we’ve kind of been lackadaisical in our Love Dare. In fact, we’ve considered quitting. It’s just been really hard to share the love.Moving a 3rd person into your home is hard. Its harder when you have different view points on the matter. I’m not going to pretend the last week has been super-duper easy (it hasn’t) but we keep plugging away. The church we attend (City on a Hill) did something really awesome and hosted a free showing of the movie Courageous....more