I Stand Alone... In a good way.

 It’s difficult for me at times to celebrate my accomplishments, life experiences and the exciting journey’s that I’ve taken over the years....more

What If Courtney Love Had Been a Mommyblogger?

I'm not Perez Hilton for whom gossip is his biz and my initials aren't TMZ, so if I am going to write a post about a celebrity parent, it's going to be written as if this parent is your neighbor, your friend, your sister, your mom or anyone else you might encounter in your day to day life. And the child? She could be your niece, your babysitter, your kid's best friend, or even your own daughter. ...more

A blog post would probably have been better although it would have been so long, her daughter ...more

Greatest Female Guitarists of all time! via VenusZine Magazine

This article is a little old but I just stumbled upon it and figured it would be worth spreading the good news. As you know, usually when any magazine makes a "greatest of" list, unless it has the word "female" or "women" in it, you won't see any women on that list. So, I applaud Venus Zine for doing this, showing that there are plenty of amazing female guitarists out there and that they often get left out of those "great" lists. Even today, many people don't think girls can play the guitar (this usually means they can't electric rock guitar, if it's acoustic sappy stuff, that's ok), and if they do, they are "all right for a girl." They can't do solos, or play as fast...blah....blah...blah. As if playing "fast" is the height of musically and creativity. Please. Whatever. ...more

Don't get me wrong, I'm an Ani fan but to put her on a list of greatest female guitarists is ...more