In Defence of the Pre-nuptial Agreement

How do you show your love to those who matter the most to you? How do you let your significant other, for example, know that he means the world to you? If you’re a celebrity or someone of great worth, you know that someone loves you for you when that person is willing to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.Since most of us bring nothing into our marriages except love, a little baggage and some life insurance, pre-nups are not something most of us even think about – even though signed agreements between married couples, are becoming more popular among regular folks....more

Return to Romance: Inconvenience Yourself!

I don't want to mind the constraints of space and build a relationship however it may fit into my life. I want to take a wrecking ball to my existing world and rebuild an existence where our relationship has a proper, sprawling space. I want a Taj Majal in the middle of an otherwise crowded urban landscape. ...more
I think this is definitely something every couple should keep in mind. Plus women need to ...more

Beating the Odds

The Safeway supermarket in my neighborhood has a large produce department with two aisles devoted to organic fruits and vegetables. So I did a double take when an organic produce shop opened directly across the street from this food giant. The first thing that crossed my mind was ‘they don’t stand a chance’. I’m not a cynic by nature. Call me a realist who likes to be surprised by people and situations that beat the odds against them. ...more