10 Mistakes to Avoid Making in Resumes and Cover Letters

As the CEO of my own company, I like to hire new members to join my team and in doing so, I come across plenty of resumes and cover letters from job applicants. Some of these pairings are quite good. Others are… less than professional. And every now and then, some are nonexistent – a cover letter arrives without a resume included and vice versa. Or the resume and cover letter arrive but a quick read reveals a series of mistakes, some of which could have been edited beforehand and others are less than noticeable....more

6 Tips on Addressing Cover Letters

Often the hardest part of the job application process comes after compiling a resume and cover letter together and getting ready to send them both off in an email... only to realize that you aren't particularly sure who will wind up opening and reading your cover letter. How do you decide who to address your cover letter to, no matter whether the company is a start-up of 10 team members or a corporation of over 10,000+ employees with international branches? Here are a few of my tips on how to do it and a few extra rules of thumb when it comes to cover letters....more

Grammar Tips for Cover Letters and Resumes

Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a resume and cover letter that are free of typos and grammatical errors.  You know what to look for with typos – did you write teh instead of the, or you forgot to pluralize a word or misspelled someone’s name.  Typos happen, and are forgivable- sometimes.  What aren’t forgivable are grammatical errors.    Grammar and the way that we use language say a lot about us, and whether we like it or not, we are judged by it.  Everything that we do – whether it’s personal or professional – invo...more

Do’s and Don’ts of Cover letter Writing

 If your cover letter is not well-written, you are unlikely to get too many interview calls. In a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, more than 75% of recruiting managers said that they would not take a badly-written cover letter, or a cover letter replete with grammatical or spelling errors into consideration. So, if you didn’t pay much attention while formatting a cover letter earlier, it is about time you let go of this bad habit....more

Tips for Finding a Job

Tapping your personal network and promoting your brand are two ways to do it
. The jury's still out on where the job market is heading, but one thing is certain: Employers have put the brakes on hiring. Job creation fell by 17,000 in January, the first month of decline in more than four years. Hard-hit industries like banking and real estate are already seeing layoffs and hiring freezes.  ...more

Some Questions for Your Interviewer

Asking questions indicates to the employer that your job search has been well thought out. Your interest in the organization resulted in thorough research and preparation. The following are samples of questions prepared to start you thinking about questions you can ask in an interview. Do not memorize these samples but do sit down, study them and figure out how they translate into suitable questions for the organization you are interviewing. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer, such as: ...more

Telling the Truth To Strangers Who Want a Job From You

It's hard to tell the truth all the time. But without the truth we live incomplete. Telling the truth to strangers can actually be easier than telling the truth to people we know -- but I think it can have as much impact if we take the time to do so if we tell the truth to help someone. ...more