Does this Ass make my Boots look Fat?

I broke down and bought my first pair of real cowboy boots this weekend. Mainly because they were really cute. Mainly because they were a mens size which, for my fat feet, works way better. Mainly because they were termed ‘vintage’, which you know, is a widely used term for just about any thing these days when you don’t want to say the word OLD....more

Would you steal away in a truck if....

Lately since the weather's changed, even before that when the snow was piling up on the ground, I'd get to work, well start driving, see the interstate and wanted to get ahold of the wheel, make my move and I wanted more. I wanted to be ANYWHERE but here. The other day I saw exactly this pick-up (inset, or down below) and I wanted to take off and really what would it take? Watching Thelma and Louise helped but it also didn't because I looked all around my closet for the cowboy boots I couldn't find to mix with desert, dust, and daring....more

Monday's Cowboy Boots of the Day

Happy Monday, I had such a busy weekend that I am looking forward to a slower day today. I was doing lots of rearranging & I realized my Pistachio Lucchese boots have not been getting enough attention. So here they are, with a matching bb simon belt as well....more

Really!?! Cowboy Boots Are A Dress Code Violation

What is surprising is that I'm not mortified. But,I'm not.If someone would have told me that a client would ever complain about the way I dress,I would have been incredulous. When I worked in an office I didn't even wear jeans on Fridays. No sleeveless shirts for me. Most of my skirts hit mid-calf. Now it's true I have little or no interest in fashion and fashion trends.And it is true I wear the same clothes for decades,I do think I put myself together quite nicely--some say I am even a smart dresser. ...more

I am a product of Dress For Success. I buy into the entire concept of dressing appropriately ...more