Team Eating

I've never been any good at team eating. And I'm not referring to those idiotic competitions to see who can eat the most hot dogs in under a minute (which I believe are individual events anyway). Not that I think I would be any good at those, either. I belch too often to get any kind of rhythm going.No, where I fail is at business dining. Oh, I can make it through an isolated lunch or even an occasional dinner. It's the day-to-day eating events that leave me stymied....more

When Coworkers Don’t Empathize With Your Single Parent Life

For the most part, I’ve always been fortunate enough to work with bosses who were completely understanding of me being a single mom. ...more

Post No. 3: Nicki, Kanye, and Coworkers

Posting yesterday was a big hairy deal!  Being new to Blogher, I didn’t know that it would eat my whole post…twice…I’m glad I had originally written it in Word.   Seems you can’t click “edit post” from preview.  I’ll remember that....more

4 Ways to Handle Arguments at Work: Advice for the Boss

Is "conflict resolution" an oxymoron? How does a true leader best handle conflict at work?The world tells us that people in positions of leadership must facilitate "conflict resolution" within their communities; this leads to the kinds of successes we've seen throughout the world (insert bitter laughter here)....more

Ask Me Anything!

I have a coworker who is constantly asking me questions. It's as if she doesn't have parents or access to Google. (She does.) ...more

When Seeking a Promotion, Promote Yourself; Don't Downgrade Others

Dear Tazi: I work in Inside Sales and Customer Service taking orders for a large clothing manufacturer. I have a new co-worker who believes that you should not only dress for the job you want (as the old adage goes) but also act like you have the job you want, to prove to higher-ups that you are qualified for the position. Unfortunately this new co-worker wants a job in a supervisory position, which means he goes around acting like everyone else’s boss. ...more


I work with a lot of interesting people. Some socially awkward people. A few obnoxious ones. But if you asked me to point out THE person at my office who makes me most uncomfortable, there is one who stands out above the rest....more

Surviving Reality: Compassionate Competition

To a lot of people, the word competition is ugly and holds a negative connotation. When we think of the word competition, we often think of professional sports, athletes, Survivor the reality show, "others" on the dating scene, or the younger generation entering the workforce who may just beat us out for the next big promotion....more

Halloween Schmoozing

We had 3 different parties this year, plus trick or treating today. Different locations, same awkwardness from being in a room full of people I either didn't know or didn't know well. Not bad, though, once I found my niche, which tends to happen towards the end of the party. ...more