Did I mention how much I love cow figurines? My house is overflowing with them. They are in my kitchen, living room, bathroom and my bedroom. I may have a few stored away in the basement somewhere.I know what you are saying. “Why Cows?” Well…When my son was born (8 lbs 7 oz. 21 inches long), we discovered that his bottom was covered in lime green odd shaped spots. Three years later my daughter was born (7 lbs 8 oz. 18 inches long) with the same odd shaped colored spots this time all over her body. Within a few months the spots were gone. Hence the spotted cows....more

Day 20 - Moo...

 Before you notice that I missed a day there,just take a few moments to enjoy this pastoral sceneinvolving cows... Nothing can be wrong wit...more

Pictures I Love!

My Grandson Lyum ....more

Pictures I Love!

I wanted to share this picture that my husband sent me  while out in the field at work.I just love cows! ...more

The Kitchen Think: Would You Eat a Test Tube Burger?

Please don’t hate on the new test tube burger.This just might be  the answer to feeding billions of people around the world. But… it’s going to be a tough sell.I’m sure you know that Dutch scientists in London just served up the first in-vitro burger, made from harvesting stem cells from cows....more

Cows stuck in a corner

Cows are herding animals, social creatures. They travel in bunches to grass, water, grass, water, shade, grass, grass. You get the idea. In fact, they become very stressed when forced away from the group. It's this instinct that makes them easy, and difficult, to manage. Easy because when you get the lead cow to start moving, the others invariably follow. Things become a challenge, however,  when you want to separate one or more from the group. ...more

Caution: Cows Ahead

From my blog Happy Hippie Homemaker "What is that?" Nora asked looking out the window.I answered absentmindedly. "I don't know, honey. What's it look like?""It's a big, dark animal. Like a beaver!"...more
giggle. Good dog! Moo!more

#274 Present, Day 4 of 31

I've written before how much I like cows... love cows... love cheese....more
Hello there, DocMontey! Great to find your post as my family and I are raw milk and grass fed ...more

The Cow: Beyond Beef

A few years back, my oldest daughter came home from school one day and announced that one of her friends was going to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian.  I asked why and she responded, “I don’t know—she said that she wanted to stop using/eating products that were made from animals.”  I am always looking for ways to broaden my children’s horizons and increase their knowledge, and this seemed to be a great opportunity so I ran with it…...more
Thank you both for commenting.  You are both correct---there are many many products that we all ...more

Chipotle's Farm Ad: Pros and Cons

Chipotle Mexican Grill ran a doozy of a commercial during the Grammy Awards - it's been two weeks and it's still buzzing. The company went all out for its' first national ad buy, a two-minute spot during which it screened a short film celebrating sustainable agriculture. ...more
If a simple commercial can make people at least think about and be aware of the fact that there ...more