Keeping Pets (And You) Safe From Predators

I came across a post today regarding pets and coyotes. A couple had let their little Maltese have free access to an outdoor pen when they weren't home, and it got killed by coyotes as a result. The article was a good reminder that small animals - pets and livestock - need to be secured inside homes or predator-proof pens/buildings of some sort if no humans are out with them....more
Thank you for this reminder... earlier this month my Yorkshire Terrier was attacked while ...more

Interesting catch from yesterday's blog post

So this is interesting... yesterday I was pretty worked up about all the hunters that I know (and don't know) who kill coyotes here in the northeast.  I was so aggravated that I wrote a letter to MassWildlife in response to an article on coyote hunting that I came across at a conference (where I and a wildlife biologist were speaking separately on the uselessness of coyote hunting - love the irony)....more

Poems on Winter

Collection of Poems on Winter (untitled) ~~~~~~~~ Wind, slanted, relentless, needling, stabbing, gnashing, as though to sweep me wherever it goes, Nor'easter. ~~~~~~~~ Snow, bitter, cold, pelting, whirling, drifting, its stark uniqueness holds me in thrall-- squall. ~~~~~~~~ They gather in packs atop treeless hills sounding their strange yipping bark mournful howling gathering pitch and speed until it is jubilant when the prey is conquered and the feed begins. ~~~~~~~~ Flag, strong, high, whipping, snapping, blowing, ...more