Are GOP Women Baby Makers-in-Chief?

Despite former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin giving the keynote address at CPAC -- the Conservative Political Action Conference -- last weekend, the top straw poll picks for presidential candidates in 2016 were all men: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Chris Christie. Thrilling....more
Palin's sullied her own career and abilities by allowing herself to be viewed as a realty show ...more

CPAC 2013: Has the Conservative Movement Died?

CPAC kicks off today for the 40th time to discuss the challenges facing the conservative movement, namely whether it's still alive.The cementing of CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, dates back to the second conference in 1974 when then-Governor Ronald Reagan delivered his "We will be a city on a hill" speech ushering in a wave of admiration from party faithful toward the rising star....more
Your analysis of the plight of the GOP makes so much sense. I've been reading the speeches from ...more

Inside the Conservative Political Action Conference

Each year, conservatives converge on Washington, DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference. Started in 1973 by the American Conservative Union (ACU), the event has grown to be the largest right-of-center conference of the year. This past weekend, more than 11,000 people attended and set a new record. ...more

I understand your concers about the social programs and have the same feelings about defense ...more

We hate them for their freedom?

Ok. Did I miss something? The entire time George Bush was in office, all we heard from the GOP was "Freedom! We want people in the middle east to have freedom". As you know, Friday, after 18 days of peaceful protesting, the people of Egypt forced their 30 year dictator, Mubarak, out. Young people, in the streets, demonstrating for what they want. A revolution right before our eyes. Fantastic right? Wrong. People at CPAC barely mentioned it....more

Mitt Romney's Inconvenient Truths and Untruths

At the conservative gathering CPAC yesterday Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said: “President Barack Obama has stood watch over the greatest job loss in modern American history. And that, my friends, is one inconvenient truth that will haunt this President throughout history.”  In fact the data clearly show that the greatest job loss since the Great Depression began in January of 2008 under President George W....more

A Gay Rights Win at CPAC

This past weekend, thousands of conservatives descended on the Marriott in Washington, D.C. for the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Ten thousand conservatives, to be exact. From all corners of the country. In one place. To meet each other.Sounds terrifying, right? Well, trust me. It is. And I'm conservative....more

I am so relieved to hear your report about gay marriage and the rights of the individual ...more

Dear World: Rush Limbaugh is NOT Head of the GOP or Conservatism

The Republican Committee may have elected Michael Steele as its new chair, but you can't tell if you've paid any attention at all to the headlines. This isn't due to the left's incessant attempts to portray Rush Limbaugh as the real head of the party - more on this in a bit; rather, it's due to a continuous power vacuum and Steele's hesitance to embrace conservative ideology for fear of sacrificing his "big tent" pseudo-popularity. ...more

Dana, you said you would respond to the alleged hate speech if someone could offer you ...more