Are Pubic Lice Going Extinct Due to Waxing? (Short Answer: No)

The article in Bloomberg, which caught fire this week, starts by saying that crabs are disappearing, a fact its authors never get around to corroborating. They provide an interesting anecdote about one Australian clinic that hasn't seen a case of pubic lice since 2008 but get data from no other clinics. Later they note that crabs can be self-treated with insecticide yet fail to provide further information -- did legislation make insecticide available to the public after 2008 in Australia? Was a more effective type of insecticide introduced? Have sales figures among the major insecticide brands suffered in the country since waxing started to take off? No, none of that. But why are we thinking about journalism right now? Have we no heart? CRABS ARE DYING OUT BECAUSE OF BIKINI WAXES. ...more
This is an interesting predicament due to the lack of reporting of crabs (AKA pubic lice ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Why I Love Maryland

I think from these photos I could love Maryland too!more

This Week in Animal News: Puppy Mills, Live Crab Vending Machines, Canned Hunting

While American humanoids battled it out this week in the usual teeter-totter grab for power, animals went about their business. Or tried to. There were some bizarre developments in the animal world -- some victories, some defeats and one very big WTF? involving a country western "star" and a tame bear named Cubby. ...more

Thanks for noting this. I've had 'Cubby' dreams for several nights now. Terrible story. ...more