Heart-Shaped Crafts for Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day is this coming weekend, there is still time to for some romantic heart-shaping crafting.Whether you choose to create with yarn, fabric, or paper, here are some fast ways to get your heart on. ...more

is there a link to Flower Patch Farmgirl's book wreath project? my life won't be complete ...more

Blog Party and Le Creuset GIVEAWAY worth $66.95!!

Just to let you gals know I am having a fabulous Le Creuset giveaway worth $66.95!!For your chance to win go check my blog at:BirdCrafts.blogspot.comBirdBirdCrafts.blogspot.com...more

Make Over Monday – Fashion Addition

It's the fashion addition of Make Over Monday as I've been collecting some really fun tutorials created to make us look fabulous.  I hope you'll be inspired to spice up your wardrobe! ...more

Bug Painting, Literally!

I think this was one of my kids favorite activities so far. We went outside to one of our flower pots by the pool where we can easily find bugs, frogs, geckos, etc. gathered a couple worms, grubs, a beetle and an earwig. Going on a bug hunt was fun!...more

Nation Sewing Month Winds Down

Today is final day of National Sewing Month.  One month for learning new sewing skills -learning how to how at all; for finishing projects begun earlier; for leaping into the ReStyle/ReMake themes of the year.  I'm wondering how everybody did this month. For myself, I did little sewing. I took part in a tiara-making party for a friend's birthday celebration -which required a small amount of sewing along with lots of be-dazzling and glitter.  And I did tackle all the items in the mending pile. That was, however, the extent of my sewing.  How about others? ...more

I sewed up a storm in September, finishing 3 and at least beginning 2 of more

National Sewing Month: In the Mood for Mending?

One of the three keywords for National Sewing Month, 2009, is REPAIR.  Which, when I look at sewing usually is eqivalent to "mending." Fist stop, is Craft Leftovers where Kristen Roach offers a perfect little Mending On the Go Kit Sewing Pattern. ...more

I think we all get mending block.  After all where is the reward or the pay-off for ...more

Welcome Back Macrame! Every Old Craft is New Again

I've followed a number of the crafty trends during my life: crocheting granny squares into afghans and vests in the early 70s; needle pointing medevil scenes of unicorns and princess later that same decade. Moving to cross stitch when the monotony of filling backgrounds on needle point wore old. Quilting when cross-stitch lost it's challenge. Knitting when quilting finally stopped developing new things to try. ...more

Yes, indeed crafting, like fashion, ebbs and flows.

I remember my grandmother doing ...more

Maker Faire, Are You a Maker?

RT @SisterDiane: Okay, here's the plan: Maker Faire becomes some kind of permanent geek village, and we all go live there together. You in? ...more

Interview with Jeweler Joy White of PureJoy

Do you know that I am a jewelry FREAK?! I am pure crow when it comes to shiny and beautiful things -- I want to snag any and all of it into my beak and take it home to my nest. That is one thing Joy and I have in common. We are both Lake Erie Girls; that is another thing. ...more

New Year, Old Shirts, New Hankies

What do you use to blow your nose? ...more