Outfit in Rome with my new DIY earrings!


Weekly Menu Chalkboard DIY

Look what my kids let me make this week? (ha. ha.) I meal plan every week....more

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Leis

cute idea! i have been looking for valentine's crafts for my 3.5 year old -- she'll like thismore

Paper Bunting Names Craft

This one simple activity has multiple learning objectives.  Children will practice name writing and ordering as well build fine motor skills with tracing, cutting and lacing.   Materials Needed:...more

DIY bag with faux fur, pearls and studs inspired by Blumarine!

http://www.themorasmoothie.com ...more

Tartan rock outfit! By @themorasmoothie


DIY leopard necklace with pearls! @themorasmoothie

www.themorasmoothie.com ...more

DIY ring inspired by Vita Fede!

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Outfit with DIY bracelet... with raffia! By @themorasmoothie

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DIY with pearls very very Hepburn

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