My Happy (craft) Room

Like most creative people, to be creative you need a creative space to work. For me that creative space is what I call my “Happy Room” or in other words my craft roomView Post...more

5 Random Thougts (Mostly about Crafting)

I have so many things I want to do this weekend, I can’t settle on any one, or even one thought to develop here. So instead, I am putting out five random things that I don’t want to forget, or can’t get out of my head. Since I took the kids to Ben Franklin today, I am mostly thinking about crafting....more

Repurposed Birdcage Ribbon Dispenser

Tuesday Tutorial {repurposed birdcage ribbon dispenser}...more

Well executed.




Mobile Craft Room--A Craft Room for Every House!

Don't have enough space to be able to dedicate a whole room to crafting??  Then create the Mobile Craft Room! I used to walk through crafts stores eyeing all the wonderful crafts supplies, feeling the urge to fill my cart up, but I always resisted.  Why?  ...more

we're going out to buy movable drawers today!! thanks for the ideamore

Craft Room Design

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon; while I sit satisfying my college football habit,I'm re-evaluating what type of crafting I'm really going to be doing in the next year. With that re-evaluation will probably come a change in my crafting room design. It's been well over a year since I actively spent time in there; it's square footage that is not serving it's purpose. So I'm taking some time and figuring out what I want to have happen there. ...more

Debra, thank you for the links.  I appreciate the support and am glad to know that the ...more