Creative Idea: Let Kids Paint to Fill a Blank Wall

They've got pieces of me all over and through them and I need only to put an idea before them and say 'Go!' and they do - with a kind of wild abandon that only comes with childhood and makes me strain against my own inhibitions to be a little more like them....more
herdaily Thanks! The kids are seriously considering a money-raking career in the fine arts of ...more

New Content Coming Soon

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My Weak Spot!

I received my Herrschner's catalog in the mail Saturday.  For those who haven't heard of it, it is a craft catalog with the most beautiful things inside.Truthfully, that catalog is like porn for crafters.  It is page after page of kits, supplies, and patterns.  The unfortunate part?  I'm not rich....more
@Karen Ballum Me, too!!  But so far I've resisted the temptation!more

summer silks

As much as my allergies may be jumping for joy come June, I sure do miss spring flowers in the summertime.   ...more

Washi Tape - I LOVE, LOVE it!!

Washi tape! Have you seen it? Have you used it? For those of you who don't know what Washi tape is, the best way I can describe it would be to compare it to masking tape, but with a pretty color or design on it....more

Tangled Tuesday: The Shoemaker’s Children Go Barefoot

 A skilled or knowledgeable person commonly neglects to give his own family the benefit of his expertise because he is keen on selling what he produces or offers with the thought that he can produce one for the family later since he is part of that family. ...more

Halloween Burlap Runner

Today I'm showing you the cutest little burlap runner you've ever seen.  Also, it's spooky.  It's spooky and cute, two of my favorite things. I found the idea at the Polka Dot Chair blog... I know what you're thinking, but her blog is about more than polka dot chairs.  At any rate, she had a great little post about a runner for halloween using burlap and I hopped on it like a frog on a lily pad....more
This looks adorably spooky-and who doesn't love burlap!more

Crafting for the Holidays

Start thinking about the Holidays now on October 01, 2012.  Are you planning to make handmade gifts?  Start planing to complie the items you will need to get started. You will need: basic items Thread, fabric, glue, sparkles, beads, idea books, sewing machine, tape, iron, fusible tape, felt and time. Spend one hour each night and two hours on the weekend from now until Thanksgiving and your gifts will be ready for wrapping.  Also, start thinking about the your holiday cooking.  Enjoy a stress free holiday....more

Crafting With Diabetes, Second Installment

I began accepting my disease as something I would have to live with.  Controlling my diabetes was a very long learning curve. Actually, I'm still learning. It was a big adjustment, and I've found that adapting to six small meals a day has presented its own set of problems.As for exercising, don't even mention it. When I was a young girl, I played tennis, but that was forever ago. Right now I have a membership at a local gym, but I never seem to make it that far. I try to just do one physical thing a day. ...more

Get Nailed - State Shaped String Art

 Yay! It's time for another Pinterest Challenge—the monthly post where I talk about a project I dug out of the depths of Pinterest stagnation and brought into the light of reality. Pinning is awesome, but doing is even better....more
Any way you could share where you found your Indiana state template? I have a craft night ...more