Halloween Burlap Runner

Today I'm showing you the cutest little burlap runner you've ever seen.  Also, it's spooky.  It's spooky and cute, two of my favorite things. I found the idea at the Polka Dot Chair blog... I know what you're thinking, but her blog is about more than polka dot chairs.  At any rate, she had a great little post about a runner for halloween using burlap and I hopped on it like a frog on a lily pad....more
This looks adorably spooky-and who doesn't love burlap!more

Crafting for the Holidays

Start thinking about the Holidays now on October 01, 2012.  Are you planning to make handmade gifts?  Start planing to complie the items you will need to get started. You will need: basic items Thread, fabric, glue, sparkles, beads, idea books, sewing machine, tape, iron, fusible tape, felt and time. Spend one hour each night and two hours on the weekend from now until Thanksgiving and your gifts will be ready for wrapping.  Also, start thinking about the your holiday cooking.  Enjoy a stress free holiday....more

Crafting With Diabetes, Second Installment

I began accepting my disease as something I would have to live with.  Controlling my diabetes was a very long learning curve. Actually, I'm still learning. It was a big adjustment, and I've found that adapting to six small meals a day has presented its own set of problems.As for exercising, don't even mention it. When I was a young girl, I played tennis, but that was forever ago. Right now I have a membership at a local gym, but I never seem to make it that far. I try to just do one physical thing a day. ...more

Get Nailed - State Shaped String Art

 Yay! It's time for another Pinterest Challenge—the monthly post where I talk about a project I dug out of the depths of Pinterest stagnation and brought into the light of reality. Pinning is awesome, but doing is even better....more
random suggestion - hammer a larger head nail where the city is that you are from, and paint ...more

Paper Lantern DIY

When I first saw this craft in Martha Stewart's Living, Kalia was in the womb (kicking away, everyday, all day long... ) I saved the magazine and then added it to her nursery board on Pinterest when I saw it online. ...more
Beautiful! I would like to try this DIY project!more

St. Patrick's Day Pub Sign

 Saint Patrick’s Day Pub SignI needed a new St. Paddy’s Day sign for my front door. This is what I came up with.You will need:...more

New crafting area

I just moved into a new home, and I cant wait to set up my crafting area. My husband doesnt mind that our new master bedroom is going to be my new sanctuary for creating. Its a huge room, so he wont feel totally bombarded, (bless his heart) I will post pics once I get everything situated. Furthermore, my daughters are even happy for me....more
 @Denise  Thanks alot, will do.more


Our girl is in the news, again, yes both girls are pretty newsworthy! The new Tulsa People, March edition that should be out by now is featuring our oldest, Briana....more

Bow Holder Tutorial

Oddly enough we have a lot of hair accessories for a baby with very little hair.  One day I’ll be able to use them all, but for now I needed a place to put them....more
@victorias_view Thank you so much!more

Party, Party, Party

This morning starts the week of endless parties and stuff to do. Last week was pretty calm but this week, wow, we are busy. Tonight is the huge cocktail party with our bank at Southern Hills Country Club! I get to get duded-up tonight. Spray that hair, rouge those cheeks and lips! Tomorrow night is dinner with my dear high school bud S and I'm so looking forward to that one....more
Oh my, I'm tired reading this. I hope you cans squeeze a nap in there somewhere!more