Our girl is in the news, again, yes both girls are pretty newsworthy! The new Tulsa People, March edition that should be out by now is featuring our oldest, Briana....more

Bow Holder Tutorial

Oddly enough we have a lot of hair accessories for a baby with very little hair.  One day I’ll be able to use them all, but for now I needed a place to put them....more
@victorias_view Thank you so much!more

Party, Party, Party

This morning starts the week of endless parties and stuff to do. Last week was pretty calm but this week, wow, we are busy. Tonight is the huge cocktail party with our bank at Southern Hills Country Club! I get to get duded-up tonight. Spray that hair, rouge those cheeks and lips! Tomorrow night is dinner with my dear high school bud S and I'm so looking forward to that one....more
Oh my, I'm tired reading this. I hope you cans squeeze a nap in there somewhere!more

Beautifully Altered Boxes

Hello, I am a crafty mother of 8 girls.....I alter photo boxes and I absolutely love it. I am new to the BlogHer community, and I'm just about ready to do anything to get recognized....( check out my site)

Felt Birthday Crown (an almost tutorial)

A few months ago I decided to make L. a felt birthday crown. I really wanted something special she could wear every year. I wanted it to be simple and beautiful and I wanted to make it myself....more

Craft a Glittered Pumpkin Halloween Cocktail Ring

Today I have a fun tutorial over on the Crafty Modern blog on how to make a fab--easy-- glittery Halloween Pumpkin Cocktail Ring.  Felicity ...more

Maker Faire (Queens): NY Hall of Science

Maker Faire (Queens): NY Hall of Science ...more

What I do while I am waiting for the new people to show up...

I make stuff for my house :) I have fixed everything around the castle. The last think left is to fix a couple of broken windows I have, which William and I will do while he is here on Wednesday :) So to keep myself amused I made this totally adorable hanger for my bathroom (it will be awesome whichever house I am in!!) I absolutely LOVE how it turned out... ...more

Fun Summer Red, White and Blue Printable Pinwheels That Work

Head over to the Crafty Modern blog to print out and make these super cute -- and working-- pinwheels! Happy 4th of July.Felicity ...more

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