My First Time Here

I'm new here, so I won't say much for the time being.However, I did come here to find out more, to learn more about networking from some of the more savvy women using blogging as a business tool, so any suggestions, tips, learning experiences shared will be welcomed whole heartedly by this new blogger....more

Crafting as a Cure for Scroogery

This and That Weekend

This weekend has been kind of a blur.  Saturday was the Alpha Rho Tau luncheon, my art group.  You know it is kind of weird that I was the youngest "member" at the meal.  There were two others, students from TU (University of Tulsa), who joined us because we gave them scholarship money to further their education, but basically I think I'm the youngest in the group.  I seem to have that happen a lot in things I get involved in.  Sometimes I can be the oldest but that doesn't happen often.  After the chit chat and yum yum we, my neighbor and paint friend (75...more

Writers Block

It has been nearly 3 months of writing every single day here at Jill of All Trades and frankly, I'm finding that writers block is becoming a problem.I interrupt this post with a most important message.  I just received an email from BlogHer stating that:  Good morning,  ...more

The Wensleydale cheese with cranberries? I love that cheese.

Contributing Editor ...more

Because Cheap is How We Feel Handcrafting and Handcrafted Gifts

Because Cheap is How We Feel...more

Arts and Crafts Gift Giving for Kids

Hand made gifts are a treasure. I love it when my kids take the time to think about who they want to give a gift to. Together we brain stom about this special person and what they enjoy or what they do and how a gift could be made that would suit them....more

Tutorial: Make Fun Triangle Paper Banners

@Denise thank you! hope it went well :)more

Monday Musings {boutique love}

Monday Musings: {boutique love}have you been to our boutique?...more

The Days of Do-It-Yourself Are Over

As an avid crafter and maker, I sometimes have to stop myself from attempting every.single. craft project that comes my way. I like to do things myself because I like to see and feel all the steps that go into making something. Armed with that attitude I've made it to 36 years with a fair amount of DIY skills tucked under my hot pink sparkly hello kitty belt (made from upcycled thrifted Hot Topic shirt). ...more

I agree, it's so easy to get carried away with trying everything under the sun. I suppose I'm ...more

Just Say No to Spec Work

I recently received an email request. This is not the first of such requests I’ve received, nor will it be the last. Perhaps you received the same request (or have received a similar one in the past). This request asked me for a spec article to be published in a print magazine. Spec in this case means working for free for little or no benefit to myself or my website....more