Gather the Family for Some Handmade Christmas Ornament Fun

It's days before Christmas, a major snow storm has hit the US Eastern coast, H1N1 is still ravaging its way around the world.  For a number of reason families are spending time at home with all this pre-season excitement and anticipation about to explode a firecracker.  What to do to make this year memorable and control some that pre-holiday energy?  How about making a few home made ornaments to hang on your tree -or to decorate packages as unique gift tags?  ...more

I was JUST thinking about making ornaments w/my little one while we are on break. Great ...more

A Better Plan for The Social Crafting Business

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose life often feels like one big social network experiment. Like many others, I know that my blogging has suffered at the hands of Twitter. At least once each day, I find myself sharing fascinating links via Facebook. And spending time searching new way to find those links to share - besides other people's Twitter and Facebook links. ...more

National Sewing Month: In the Mood for Mending?

One of the three keywords for National Sewing Month, 2009, is REPAIR.  Which, when I look at sewing usually is eqivalent to "mending." Fist stop, is Craft Leftovers where Kristen Roach offers a perfect little Mending On the Go Kit Sewing Pattern. ...more

I think we all get mending block.  After all where is the reward or the pay-off for ...more

Sharing in the Crafty Social World

Wednesday I shared several fun blog ideas with you. ...more


SMUB means something like Simple Mobile Utility BSomething-or-Other.

It took me ...more

Crafting Travel Memories

Summer vacations and travel is in full swing -but it's not too late to consider some crafts that can either make the travel to a destination -or the memories saved from a vacation even more special.CRAFT -as part of their new digital edition - offers instructions Color Your World.  Following their instructions, you can use a digital photo, photoshop, and your printer to a selection of photos into a themed coloring book.  Craft suggests: ...more

Crafting a Life: Fun Crafty Round Up

I've fallen for the fun this month, discovering and falling in love with fun projects and ideas showing up in the blogsphere.  ...more

1. What brand and model sewing machine do you have?
I own a Pfaff 7550

2. How long have ...more

Crafting a Life: Summer Craft Shows

Last week, I talked about the type of quilt shows available this year. A different type of show you also might wish to attend is one of the many craft shows. Where quilt and stitchery shows are primarily about displaying members work, craft shows are mainly about small crafty vendors plying their wares. ellebee {studio} calls the application process craft insanity: ...more

Crafting a Life: Crafting in Public

With the weather warming up and days getting longer, we can anticipate more occasions to take our crafting outside and create in the great outdoors. Casual evenings of drinks on a patio with a simple stitching project in our lap, picnics in the park. Then there are organized public crafting events that occur each year: STITCH N' PITCH ...more

Thanks for the update on your crafty life.

How interesting that events in one's life can ...more

Momathon Fave: The Crafts Dept Blog

The folks at Martha Stewart have done it again. Another cool online resource for crafters or anyone who enjoys making things.  ...more

Crafting as Soulcare

It's almost that time of year again--"The Holidays"--and whether you celebrate Christmas (the cultural or the religious variety), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Pancha Ganapati, or any other lovely holiday that I've neglected to mention, gifts are probably involved. In my opinion friends, it's time to get your craft on! Crafting gifts expresses care, makes a smaller impact on our world and our wallets, and just generally makes a person feel hygge. How does crafting promote soulcare? ...more

These are all lovely ideas. For some of my sweet soulsisters I'm making matchbox shrines. I ...more