Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Last June I threw a bridal shower for my best friend, and I wanted it to be all things pretty and girly.  This was also going to be the only bridal shower for her wedding, and it was going to be big, there were about 65 people in attendance, and I got a LOT of help from my mom to make it a success. I needed a way to decorate the house that would brighten things up, co-ordinate with the colours we had chosen for the shower, and not get in the way of people getting to the food, and being able to mingle....more

February Is National Embroidery Month

Along with hearts, groundhogs and dead presidents, February is a month to celebrate embroidery. Here are some pointers to tempt you into picking up needle and thread and making your mark on fabric. ...more

when I was a kid, my aunt taught me how to do embroidery. I used to enjoy doing it but now, ...more

Four Years of Crafting and Gardening at BlogHer: My Favorite Posts

We are celebrating five years of BlogHer (and have you contributed to #blogher5 yet?) As one of the original contributing editors, I've been writing here since January, 2006. In a reflective mood, I read back through the four years of posts and found repeated themes, favorite posts, and much to remember: ...more

That was a great one. I followed along to brush up on my fundamentals. Thanks!


5 Steps to ROCKING Your Resolution in 2010!

Asking "What's your New Year's resolution?" is so 2009. We're asking you a more relevant and important question: How will you keep it? Let this not be a resolution that goes in one year and out the other. Here are 5 steps to help you make it "official" and focus on reaching your goal in 2010....more

Crafting and Gardening Goals: Looking Back and Forward

I've spent the last week alternating between looking backward at '09 searching for the highlights of this year and trying to look forward searching out events to anticipate.  It's an exercise as symbolic as switching to a new calendar instead of simply flipping over a page.  What did I find? ...more

I'm cooking spaghetti squash and meat sauce right now - but after reading this, I want past ...more

Gather the Family for Some Handmade Christmas Ornament Fun

It's days before Christmas, a major snow storm has hit the US Eastern coast, H1N1 is still ravaging its way around the world.  For a number of reason families are spending time at home with all this pre-season excitement and anticipation about to explode a firecracker.  What to do to make this year memorable and control some that pre-holiday energy?  How about making a few home made ornaments to hang on your tree -or to decorate packages as unique gift tags?  ...more

I was JUST thinking about making ornaments w/my little one while we are on break. Great ...more

And thus, I begin.

And here I begin, my first post on BlogHer.I am a happily single woman who is uncomfortably close to middle age, living in the suburbs with my aging parents.  I have no children, and that's by choice--I don't hate kids, I just know that it isn't the right choice for me right now.  I have no pets, but I fully intend for that to change!...more

Remember Pets with Handmade Holiday Gifts

It was cold last night, yet I was warm while I slept because my dog Jake curled up right next to me.  Today, the dogs will greet my every return to the house (even if I just went out to the mail), eagerly taste test my food to insure it's safety, and coat the carpet in a decorative layer of additional fur.  Other peoples' cats will prowl their houses looking for stray dust motes and mice to chase.  Hamsters will spin on their wheels and squeak an alarm when the refrigerator door opens.  Parrots will mimic.  Fish will calm with their steady back and forth motion. ...more

For our cat, a sock full of cat-nip and a big empty paper bag tipped sideways seemed to ...more

Upcycled Holiday Crafts You Can Make From What You Found in the Couch Cushions

Green or eco-friendly crafts for children using recycled or upcycled (repurposing a waste material into a product of higher quality materials) are plentiful this holiday season. In addition to being better for the environment, crafting from items found around the house has the added benefit of being economical. ...more

I just wanted to say thank you for including my Light Bulb Penguin in your article! ...more