Fruit and Veggie Cook Bookmarkers

MaterialsPatterns (Below)9" x 12" art paper various colors9" x 12" tagboard               ...more

Kitchen Chalkboard Menu Board

Kitchen Chalkboard Menu Board ProjectChalkboard is a very hot trend.  No wonder!  It is stylish, functional, and versatile.  Did I mention fun?  Yes, it's really fun. Tap your creativity to place chalkboard details in your house.  I am very excited about this project and  I think you will love it too. ...more

The Bag Blog

Welcome to my world.  I make's my hobby, it's my business.  If you like to sew, but have never tried making a bag, you're going to love it!  Why?  Well, sewing is a great hobby.  It's creative, meditative...and you have the satisfaction of making something useful and different from anything mass produced and sold in most retail stores.  I've made clothes...blouses, pants....more

DIY Sea Shells Summer Wreath

Summer has been filled with water fun for my family - going to the beach, swimming in the pool and splashing around at various children's splash parks.  Since we've been going to the beach a lot, we have been bringing home sea shells.  I am a big fan of sea shells, I think they are so pretty and love the different shapes they can come in.  I wanted to use them around the house for decor so I decided to make a wreath for home decor....more

15 Insanely Cool Mosaic Projects!

I’ve always found myself right at home when I create something wonderful with ceramic tile. Breaking those tiles into pieces and then fitting them back together like a puzzle to create something magical always made me feel – wonderful! ...more

DIY Wooden Banners

My sisters came up with a great craft day last summer around the 4th of July when we came up to visit. They had already been working on them and wanted to invite me into the fun craft zone. While scrounging around in my dads wood pile one afternoon, my sister decided these random boards needed decorating and a place to call home. After finding many different shapes, sizes and types of wood, we brushed paint lightly on top of them and created our own touch to each piece for our home....more

DIY Beach Bag Tutorial

Who's looking forward to going to the beach this summer?...more

How to make potpourri

Are you a little bit blown away by all those beautiful roses growing in your garden right now? Do they smell divine? Would you like to capture a little bit of their summery wonderfulness and store it away in a glass jar for the gloomy, grey days of winter? Well I've got just the trick if that's something you're tempted to do: you could make your very own potpourri. If you've got some aromatic herbs like rosemary, bay or lavender you could add them to the mix as well....more

Inspiring Angels

 Welcome to my sparkle shine blogher world of inspiration, angels, crafts, prayers and life adventures....bear with me while I learn how to insert photos and and and....Welcome welcome welcome....I'm glad you found me...come enjoy my journey with me...Heart HugsLinnie...more