Kids DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY Kids Birthday Wrapping Paper with Sponge PaintsDoes every weekend feel like an endurance race of soccer games, dance classes and birthday parties?...more

Implementing Arts & Craft Tutorials for Kids

It’s best to develop a person’s set of capabilities and aptitude during their formative years. For children, play translates to education. Playgroups give the opportunity for kids to develop their problem-solving and creative skills. Their social talents and emotional intelligence are also nurtured in this time. Creating their Masterpieces at Play...more

The Lost Art of Soap Carving

We all know that kids spend too much time in front of TV and playing video games, but what's a busy mom to do? I have recently discovered a great blog called Unplug Your Kids. The author shares my views on TV - who needs it? - and offers creative ...more