How I Permanently Glittered My Floor

where did you buy chunky glitter please myramore

Crafty Chica's Glass Jar Shrines

I've made shrines out of all kinds of objects, why not under glass?...more

Crafting a Life: Carnivals, Influence, and Crafty Literature

There has been a bit a good news breaking that involves the crafty-blog scene.  A new craft carnival has been announced, a knitter is named one of the most influential women bloggers, and the crafty chica pairs beach-reading lit with crafting fun!  Let's look closer: ...more

I'm looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer, Deb!

Crafting A Green Worldmore

Mothers Make Us Who We Are.. and We Make Back..

Do you remember your first crafted Mother's Day gift? Either made or received? I was about 6 when I painted and collaged the frame from a free stand-up insurance company calendar, then ripped the calendar out and replaced it with a "happy mother's day" note.  We shall ignore that the paint was the inexpensive water color found in tin boxes, the colored paper from her new magazines, and that nothing totally obliterated the insurance company advertising.  I think it was still wet when I gave it to her. ...more

I love making things for my mother all year round.  Her mother's day gift will be late this ...more