When life gives you cramps, make bath salts … and other adages!

Love the title to my post, which I can say without being called way too self-congratulatory, since I didn’t create it.  I found it on the Always.com website and really connected it with it for three reasons.  The first is because it is related to the old adage, that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, the second is because it gives me another opportunity to educate about periods and cramps and lastly because I really like to luxuriate in the bath with aromatic salts making me feel like I am in a spa environment and hadn’t thought about making them myself....more
@HomeRearedChef Hi. Just saw this so sorry for the delay. When was the last time you saw your ...more

Mickey Rooney is the new Betty White

I'll admit it. I never watched any of those Andy Hardy films that Mickey Rooney starred in although my mom assures me were "the bomb." (Yeah. She still thinks that's a hip phrase). I was more interested in Parker Whats-his-butt and that young Cassidy kid as the Hardy Boys. And now, almost in my mid-40s, I still have no desire to watch the old Mickey Rooney films, but I would love, love, love to see this man make a comeback. You know, like Betty White....more

Home Remedy for a period GONE BAD!!

Some women get really painful cramps when they get their period.  And, NO they have not gone mad.  I remember reading that in days gone by (and they can stay days gone by) women who had menstrual cramps were considered deranged.  Fortunately, today we know that isn't so and there are ways to manage cramps without being interred in an insane asylum.  ...more

Go away CRAMPS and Don't cha come back NO MORE!

What are cramps and who gets them -- and why am I writing about this during the biggest party time of the year.  To begin, your period doesn't know you are planning on celebrating holidays with friends and family and may be traveling, skiing or swimming.  For some, painful periods are a nonissue and I say good for you - really and not sarcastically.  Those of you who do get cramps are nodding your heads when I say -- YUCHH, OUCH, LEAVE ME ALONE and BRING ME THE HEATING PAD.  ...more


Whenever I start talking Happy Periods, a few women and teens will say:  Yep, a regular period is a good period, I have one and thank goodness!  However, there are those women and teens who roll their eyes and say:  How can you say Happy Period - what's happy about having to deal with a monthly bleed, or I get cramps, or I have a party and now a period, etc., etc., etc.  Then, I roll my eyes because I truly believe that the menstrual cycle is an indicator of health.  Let me tell you why:...more

Move Over Midol?

New Drug May More Effectively Treat Cramps  Good news: There's a new drug in clinical trials designed to target dysmennorhea, a condition where the uterus contracts with increased frequency during menstruation, causing severe cramps, nausea, vomiting, sweating and dizziness--all that fun period stuff. Dysmennorhea is the top reason to blame for chicks in their 20s missing school and work...and here we thought it must be hangovers or sample sales....more

Can Menstrual Cramps Change Your Brain?

For almost ten years, I fed my body continuous birth control pills because periods hurt, and as a doctor-in-training, I was simply too busy to be bothered by even mild menstrual cramps. So by the time I stopped my pills in order to try to get pregnant, I had forgotten how much menstrual cramps suck. The first period wasn’t so bad, but by the third one, I was grabbing my hubby, throwing him on the bed, and screaming “GET ME PREGNANT – NOW!” ...more

I agree 110%...people with chronic pain are treated like things to dealt with rather than with ...more

Truth in advertising? Don't believe it.

Wings or no wings? Mini, maxi or thong? Applicator or no applicator? Cardboard or plastic? Life has gotten really complicated since I was a teen. Back then, if you needed “ladies things” they came 1 way. In the 60’s my mom’s “needs” were actually delivered discreetly wrapped in plain brown paper by Jones Apothecary . Difficult to imagine that now, when it seems like everywhere you go you’re bombarded by advertising about panty liners, pads or tampons. I remember the first time I was sitting next to my boyfriend and an ad (probably for Kotex) came on TV....more

Herbs to Curb the Turbulent Chaos

The last few days have been pretty hectic and emotionally trying around our house. Mycie's molars are giving her hell and she is, in turn, spreading the fiery destruction. No, it's not that bad. But boy has it been stressful. She has been biting her friends (and, ahem, the woman who gave birth to her) and the strain it has caused everyone involved has been tiring. ...more


The one thing about blogging is the maintenance. In order to keep your readers you need to give them something to read. Sounds simple enough? Right? Sure, if you're Stephen King and can sit and write for six hours a day and get paid for it and you don't have to be funny. Now, this is not to say that Stephen King's form of writing is easy, by any means, but there is a reason people say, "dying is easy, comedy is hard." ...more