Top 5 Cranberry Salads for the Holidays

There it is on the table. A tubular-shaped gelatinous glob with the telltale rings indented into its circumference. The infamous can of cranberry sauce that inhabits a small space amongst the other usual suspects on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Nestled perhaps between the dinner rolls and the green bean casserole, the host hopes that someone will take the obligatory slice....more

Cranberry Chocolate Mole Ferment

Chocolate Cranberry Mole: A Fermented Paste from The Fermentista’s Kitchen This post will share the recipe for a fermented paste that is sweet, spicy, totally unusual, and utterly delicious. Read on for the full tutorial! ...more

Cranberry and Pistachio Vanilla Muffins

 We loved these Christmassy muffins made with vanilla, cranberries and pistachios! They were so simple to make but tasted delicious!  ...more

Boozy Cranberry Sauce

 I'm one of the many who bought more cranberries than I needed this season.  I fell for the trap of  "Gee, just throw the extra package into the freezer and use it later" advertising.   Actually not, but it sounded good.   I just like cranberries and yes I did buy more than I needed this year, but that was because I was trying a new recipe and wanted a back up package just in case the recipe tanked.   Well, it didn't, or at least I don't think it did.   I mean, I had to make some changes, due to my own lack of making sure I had all the ...more

Cranberry Apple Jam

Cranberry Apple Jam + Plus Free Printable Jar Labels on the Blog

Cranberry Banana "Ice Cream"

More like a sorbet, this guilt-free frozen treat is made without dairy. It’s very simple to prepare and can easily be doubled or halved depending on how much you wish to make....more